Friday, October 18, 2013

Blanket Tadaa and Pattern

it is by far the blanket I worked the most on, in the least time. from start to finish within a week. I am starting to think whether I slept or ate that week, or even talked to my husband. but, we are both pleased with the result, a lovely blanket that lives on the couch in our new home. it measures 80x125cm. it already has a nickname too, the king blanket. for some reason the bobbles around it make it look like a king's royal robe, a lovely luxurious feeling.

let's list a few facts:
made out of Drops Paris yarn #16 white, #27 peach, #41 mustard and #48 petrol,  6 skeins of each colour and an additional 2 petrol skeins for the edging. with the left over yarn I made two potholders, and six multi coloured squares which I donated for a warm blanket for people who are very ill.
hooked with a 5 mm hook following this pattern and joined them this way. below these images you will find a little picture tutorial for the edging.

it was hard to get a full-size picture of the blanket, but I managed to do so while standing on a chair. it looks rather small this way haha.

let's get to the edging pattern. as with any new pattern, it is a matter of trial and error for me. this blanket was no exception, in total I must have made about 3 or 4 extra rounds of edging that I frogged because the result was not to my liking. for me, one of the goals with the edging around squares is to go from that slightly wavy edge to a straight one. I love how it turned out really well this time and you can see the edge getting more and more straight with every new round.

crochet pattern tutorial for a blanket edging in both English and Dutch

1 ~ attach the yarn in any gap between two clusters along a square on the edge. single crochet, *chain 2, single crochet in the next gap* repeat pattern between * along the complete edge of the blanket, join with slip stitch in first single crochet. connection between the squares: single crochet in first corner, single crochet in next corner. NO chain stitches in between. corners: single crochet, 2 chain, single crochet.
1 ~ start met het blauwe garen in een opening tussen twee clusters aan de rand van een willekeurig vierkant. haak een vaste, *2 losse, vaste in de volgende opening* herhaal tussen * langs de totale rand van de deken. sluit met een halve vaste in de eerste vaste. overgang tussen de vierkanten: vaste in de eerste hoek, vaste in de tweede hoek. dus GEEN losse ertussen. hoeken: vaste, 2 losse, vaste.

2 ~ make a slip stitch into the next gap, chain, single crochet in the same gap. continue with 2 single crochet in every gap. join with slip stitch in first chain. where the squares connect: 1 single crochet in the gap. corners: single crochet, chain 1, single crochet. this row may seem a little tight, but it helps tremendously in creating a nice and straight edge.
2 ~ maak een halve vaste in de volgende opening, losse, vaste in dezelfde opening. ga verder met 2 vaste in iedere opening. sluit met een halve vaste in de eerste losse. op de overgang tussen de vierkanten:  vaste in de opening. hoeken: vaste, 1 losse, vaste. deze rij is wat aan de strakke kant, maar dat helpt om een mooie rechte rand te maken.

3 ~ chain 2, double crochet in every stitch around the blanket. join with slip stitch in second chain of first stitch. corners: 2 double crochet in first single crochet from previous row, chain 2, 2 double crochet in next single crochet from previous row. makes a total of 6 corner stitches.
3 ~ 2 losse, stokje in iedere steek rondom de deken. sluit met een halve vaste in de tweede losse van de eerste steek. hoeken: 2 stokjes in de eerste vaste van de vorige rij, 2 losse, 2 stokjes in de tweede vaste van de vorige rij. maakt een totaal van 6 hoeksteken.

4 ~ chain 2, half double crochet in every next stitch around the edge. close with slip stitch in second chain of first stitch. corners: 2 half double crochet in the two middle corner stitches, number 3 and 4. cut thread and fasten off.
4 ~ 2 losse, half stokje in elke steek van de rand. sluit met een halve vaste in de tweede losse van de eerste steek. hoeken: 2 halve stokjes in de twee middelste hoeksteken, nummer 3 en 4. knip de draad door en werk het draadeinde weg.

5 ~ turn the blanket around, back side facing you. attach the yarn in any half double crochet from the previous row, make bobble stitch. *slip stitch, single crochet, slip stitch, bobble stitch* repeat between * all around the blanket. close with slip stitch into last stitch before first bobble, cut thread and fasten off. bobble stitch = *yarn over, put hook in stitch, pull through, yarn over, pull through 2* leaving 2 loops on hook. repeat between * 3 times, you now have 5 loops on hook. yarn over, pull through all loops in once. 
5 ~ draai de deken om, je kijkt nu naar de achterkant. maak het garen vast in een willekeurige steek van de vorige rij, maak een bobbel steek. *halve vaste, vaste, halve vaste, bobbel steek* herhaal tussen * langs de rand van de deken. sluit met een halve vaste in de steek voor de eerste bobbel, knip het draad door en werk het draad einde weg. bobbel steek = *haal de draad om de naald, steek de naald in de steek, haal de draad om de naald en terug door de steek, haal de draad om de naald en door 2 lussen op de naald*, je hebt nu 2 lussen op de naald. herhaal tussen * 3 keer, je hebt nu 5 lussen op je naald. haal de draad om de naald en in 1 keer terug door alle lussen op de naald.

and congratulations, your blanket is done! finished!

image 6 is just showing you a close up of the back side of the finished edging.

I hope you will enjoy following this tutorial as much as I did designing and explaining it. if anything is unclear to you or if you have any questions, please let me know through a comment on this post or through email, my address is to be found at the bottom of this page.

a little behind-the-scenes shot

happy crocheting!


  1. It was so worth not eating, sleeping and talking for a week - just beautiful x

  2. Prachtige deken! Ik vind je kleurkeuze erg bijzonder en stijlvol. Mooie rand ook!

  3. Your blanket is beautiful, and I really like the edging, I have not seen one like that before, it suits your blanket really well. Hope that you have lots of snuggly times under your king blanket!

  4. Beautiful colors, beautiful yarn, beautiful squares, beautiful edging...gorgeous blanket!

  5. This is so lovely, a really great colour collection, I'd never have thought of putting the dark blue with peach and gold like that, it's really pretty
    Your 'king' edging is great too!

  6. Very, very beautiful. Inspirational.

  7. The colour combo works really nice! Thank you for the tutorial on the edging, may very well come in handy someday.

  8. Like the colour of your blanket and the pattern. That's another one to go on my list to try....I have sooooo much I want to stich, I have three crochet projects on the go at the moment and hundreds in my head.

  9. Just beautiful, I love the edging - thank you so much for sharing this tutorial with us. I'd like to give it a go one day.

  10. Wow, I've just seen a picture of this on pinterest, it is so amazingly beautiful! I could be tempted, so very tempted....xx

  11. Hij is echt prachtig, ik geniet altijd van je mooie kleur en patroon combinaties.

  12. Greetings from South Africa. Your blanket is totally gorgeous! You inspire me to crochet.
    Hugs. Alison

  13. Ik vind het een prachtige deken! Een mooi patroon ook! Groetjes Marijtje

  14. I love the colors. ....being from the Detroit area, it has the perfect color scheme for any Tiger fan!

  15. It is lovely. I also like how you have displayed it, especially with the lace drawing around it. cool!

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    Hope you are well my lovely and have a super week!


  17. It's lovely. I really like the colours. :) Greetings from Poland :)

  18. It's just wonderful and it's lovely to see it in all it's glory. No wonder it's become a firm favourite already, it would be with me too :)

    S x

  19. So. I wrote this long long comment... And then I pressed the wrong button and it was all gone. And it was such a good comment also. Praising you as well as your blanket with twist, humor, admiration... So... Well, imagine my comment with all kind of flattering adjectives dropped and a bunch of ooohhh and aaaaaahhh and you will get it. Such a beauty! Love on highest level.

  20. Maaike,
    i would have to 'steal' this pattern to make a bedspread for one of my aunts :) I havent started the project yet-- the yarns are still on the way from the store. but i fell in love with the square pattern right away. :) thx for sharing the tutorials too!!

  21. update:
    yarns are here --- and I LOVE working on this pattern... you're right, it's quite fast to work on. I will post updates in my blog ( :) Thank you, Maaike.

    1. Thank you for your sweet words about my pattern Dee, you are very welcome!
      Happy crocheting,



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