Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Crochet Flower

during our trip to the East Coast of Canada I gave this flower square pattern a go. through Vanessa's beautiful blog and this specific post I totally got the itch and printed the pattern off Mille's blog in this post. as you can see, the itch became a virus and I went a little crazy on combining colors. what's new haha.

cushion covers are easier to do than blankets if you like to make a variety of color combinations, and so far I have done four and there are two in the making. I absolutely love making these squares! they are so cheerful. on the downside they eat yarn like crazy. but well, that allows for more color variations which explains this bunch of cuteness.

different edgings I tried, with little bobbles, one with scallop edging, tiny cheerful loops of chain stitches, and one just straight. a variety in the last cushion I made, is the multi colored flower in blue tones. also very fun to make and I am sure I will add more multi colored flowers in the next cushions. red and white for example, for Christmas...

now the crochet part is over for most of them, it is time for sewing a backing to them. I choose to give them a fabric back, but that is easier typed than done. have you got any experience with this? do I have to sew a complete cushion out of fabric first, and then add the crochet top onto the front? or will it work like this; sewing the crochet front directly to the fabric back? your help and ideas on a pretty and efficient solution are very very welcome.

what I plan to do with them? no, they will not end up on my couch. may be one of them. but the rest is part of the collection that I will bring to the creJJtion table on 'The Tradition of Christmas Craft Fair' in Oakville, on December 1st. So exciting, so scary for the first time... well more about that in the coming weeks.

a very happy Tuesday for now and thank you in advance for your advice


  1. Hi Maaike, the cushions are gorgeous! almost edible, like your cake pictures! I think sewing a cushion cover which is two sided avoids the crochet stretching too much. Although the other way may be easier. Also not so nice when you can see the insert after a while. Good luck, Heather x

  2. So here we have the darling crochet pillows. Well, in my opinion, make a complete pillow cover. My latest granny square pillow is made that way. I made a pretty fabric backing and a plain white muslin front. When cover is done I hand stitch the crochet front on to the muslin front and VOILA!

    I have made several pillows with only crochet fronts and with crochet fronts and backings but I always find them loosing their shape after a while, stretching and getting all wonky. When attaching the crochet front to a piece of fabric it will keep its shape longer. The key is also to make the front the exact same measurement as the pillow cover, avoid stretching it to much when sewing it on.

    Hope this helps Maaike. Your crochet flowers are, like I said, darling! I am sure they will fly off your table on that Christmas Fair. Wish I could be there with you. My stand next to yours. We would kick xxx... Ha ha ha! The Swiss are so boring to sell to, I hope the Canadians are better at spending and appreciating handmade goods. Good luck.

  3. Very beautiful combination of colors! Volume elements look very interesting and unusual - it s incredible beauty :)))

    Sorry for my English :)

  4. Hi Maaike,
    Wat een geweldig mooie kussens.
    Groetjes uit NL.

  5. So, so pretty, and I love this pattern, too!! xo Heather

  6. Prachtig hoor! Vooral die met de blauwe kleuren. Nu nog een delfsblauw boerje en boerinnetje, hihi. Toch nog een beetje Holland in Canada.

    Groetjes, Agnes.

  7. Simpelweg prachtig !

  8. oh my I just love this so so cute!

  9. I love your color choices! The blue one is my favorite.

  10. I love these so much! If I ever get to making a cushion cover from these flowers, I think it will be like yours. I love your borders (especially with the popcorn stitches)

  11. How beautiful...your table will be so lovely..wish I could come! xoxoxo

  12. Beautiful cushions with stunning colours.

  13. Ahhhhhhhh such beauty in a post my lovely! They are really addictive aren't they! I ADORE my blanket, and I would love to make some cushions too. They are yarn eaters though, but I find they whip up fairly quickly and they are mighty satisfying!

    Well, I hope that you have a lovely time at your fair and i'm sure these will sell like hot yummy cakes!

    Much love

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Hoi Maaike,
    de kussens zijn supermooi! Leuke kleurencombinaties ook.


  15. Hello Maaike! I have to say, that your crocheted covers are really beautiful!!! I have no experience with crocheting and sewing in one. But I will wait with pleasure for your decision and finally result :-) Have a good luck! Jolana

  16. Beautiful! I don't have a lot of experience making cushions but I've crocheted for a few years and I would think you could sew the fabric backing onto the crocheted front, although making the whole cushion and adding the crochet might make it sturdier. Not much help, I know. You did gorgeous work!

  17. Oh and I'd love to know what yarn you used. Thanks!

  18. These are so gorgeous and I've never seen anything like them - so tactile. I think this must be one of my all time favourites of your crejjtions! I have no doubt they'll be a hit at market.

  19. Me encanta lo que haces, es una maravilla, la combinación de colores, todo.
    Me enamora este trabajo.
    Estoy en ello.

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