Friday, December 21, 2012

Gift Wrapping

there are gloomy days and there are gloomy days. well, today was a super gloomy day. and by the time I decided to take my items outside to take pictures there and catch as much natural light as possible... it started to rain. so, I ended up getting a little grumpy with the weather, and took the pictures inside after all.

what I am showing here is how I transferred basic and random tins from the thrift store into gift boxes with a little tremclad spray paint for metal surfaces. first a few layers of primer, then the top coat. the white needed a lot more layers then the red, but they both turned out pretty good I think. spray painting was one of those things I wanted to try for years, but never really got to it until recently. once I got the hang on it, I sprayed all that was within my reach, haha, so much fun! if you have no time or no will to paint them yourself, there are also pretty tins available in stores like the ones from Ikea as shown in the pictures.

in the second set of the pictures you see my take on newspaper gift wrapping, well coordinated with House Doctor gift wrap from a few years ago. I picked the puzzle page on purpose, with a wink to long waiting before opening presents, and being able to kill some time with sudoku and such. to add all the decorations to the gifts, I use double sided tape instead of glue. it is easier, faster, and less messy.

with snowflake, circle and cookie paper punches and some vintage die-cuts you can easily craft up gift tags, or use them as ornaments in your tree.

are you done wrapping yet?!


  1. Such sweet ideas my friend....I am popping over to wish you a very blessed Christmas..may your second Christmas {I believe it is your second} in Canada be filled with the love of sweet friends and family. oxoxox

  2. I love the lacy doily wrappings! Gift wrapping is really the fun part, isn't it!
    Happy Christmas!

  3. Such beautiful wrapping and I love the tags so much!

    S x

  4. beautifull, like the pink / white snowflake !!


  5. Those vintage gift tags are adorable!
    Merry Christmas to you and a very blessed New Year!

  6. Such a great idea! I love spray paint (and tins for that matter). I've done all my wrapping at Sinterklaas... No wrapping for me. X Jenn

  7. Hello darling! I am not sure whre you are or what you do but MERRY CHRISTMAS whatever you are up to. Sun is shining, it 15 degreece (!!!), kids on inlines outside, laundry flapping in the wind, husband in shorts fixing with his stuff and me baking saffron buns to the tunes of Michael Buble. My dreams of a white Christmas are crushed... But in a couple of days I will get the real feel when we head off to Gstaad skiing. See you in the new year. Lots of love form me to you. :D

  8. I am totally and completely adoring your wrapping ideas. Storing them up for next year as I only just now got around to catching up on my fave blogs.


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~