Monday, December 16, 2013

Week Before Christmas

it's  the week before Christmas. we are getting ready for time with family, no work and obligations. cozy times by the fire with some red wine. winter walks with Floyd in the snow ~ we hope. warming up inside and sleeping in. playing board games and singing Christmas songs. I am so ready for this.

in the mean time I enjoy walking Floyd in the fog or winter sun. there is something so magical about it.  the stillness, quietness… relating to the images, I enjoyed a change of scene last week for a coffee in a next village, all by myself. wonderful. over the weekend I started a new shawl in a lovely scallop pattern, which I will tell you more about tomorrow. 

last week I squealed with delight when the stamp with my name on it arrived in the mail. a very dear Canadian friend participated in a generous give away on Instagram by Sycamore Street Press, and she actually won! a custom made monogram stamp, not only for herself but also for 2 friends. lucky, super lucky me, I was one of them. I am stamping happily away now with my first ever monogram stamp. love love love it, Eva and Kirk did such a great job. their site is totally worth a good look, remember I got this print from them too? 

wishing you a happy week-before-Christmas, hopefully as stress-free as possible
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  1. I don't finish work until Wednesday but I am looking forward to the same thing - just lying around and doing a bit of nothing! We will do it with frosty cocktails in hand instead of red wine, and under the fan instead of by the fire, but the sentiment is the same!
    I love the scallops up the top there, so clever.
    Have a wonderful lead up to Christmas! x x

  2. We have finished too but the board games are ending in arguments lol. Wishing you and yours a peaceful Christmas. x

  3. How nice that your friend included you in her giveaway win! The stamp looks great. xx

  4. I really love the project you have going in the top left hand square. That's a very cool pattern. I am also happy that the Holidays are underway at your home. Have a Blessed Christmas and New Year!


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~