Friday, September 3, 2010


This is a story about a coincidence.... or not?
Early August I bought a poster in Sweden, showing a beautiful Larsson- painting. A painter I had never heard of before. The posters shows a girl in a bright white-green room, watering plants, behind a table with some knitting wool on it.

Today I visited the small Amsterdam bookmarket at the Spui-square downtown. While waiting for my friend Tineke to arrive for lunch, I looked through some books and guess what... somehow I managed to find this book, with that same painting in it! The picture on the left shows the bookcover, the one on the right shows the painting of which I also have the extra large version, the poster. I love it and will search the web to find out more about it.

By the way, Tineke and I had a great lunch and she gave me this lovely card on the left, it perfectly matches the green shades in this picture. Next to it a picture of a beautiful postcard I received from my friend Hannah when she was in Italy: this cosy and idyllic hotel is for sure worth a visit!

This afternoon I spent a few hours taking pictures of my crochet-work-in-progress and updating my crochet-page. I like to know what you think of it! Hopefully I will find some time this weekend to update the other pages as well.

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  1. Jeehaa, ben nu ook je follower :) erg leuk om te lezen Maaik, en je blog ziet er supermooi uit, ga zo door! Liefs Wija


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~