My name is Maaike and I design creation.

I grew up in the Netherlands. For my Psychology study I moved to Amsterdam and lived there for 11 years. In the Summer of 2011 my newly wedded husband and I were ready for a new adventure and moved to Toronto, Canada for two years. We moved back to The Netherlands in the Summer of 2013 and are now living in the South of the country with our Canadian chocolate Labrador Floyd.

As a little girl you could always find me at my parents' kitchen table, creating. I made oil on canvas paintings alternated by baking cookies, taking pictures, drawing, designing jewellery and origami animals.

In 2009 my father’s youngest sister got me into knitting. The handcraft virus really got me again. In 2010 I added crochet to my repertoire, followed by sewing and quilting in 2011.
Encouraged by another family member I started this blog in 2010 to keep track of my creJJtions, share my creative adventures with like minded people and exchange inspirations.
This blog and the motivating positive reactions I get, really set me off to incorporate creativity and photography into my daily life. It brings me joy every day and I cannot imagine living without it anymore! Who would have thought that a little blog I started on a rainy Fall day in Amsterdam, could lead me to this world of joy and wonder?!
On this blog you will find mainly pictures of the creations I make, as well as patterns of my crochet work. I love to create different color schemes and find yarn, fabric and paper my favorite materials to work with. Whenever I travel my camera goes with me and my eye for color comes along. I translate the things I see into creJJtions and feature them on this blog. 
About the name creJJtion: my younger brother used to call me JJ when we were younger and that name stayed with me in family circle. JJ in Dutch is pronounced like 'yay-yay', so that being my name and I love to create, makes creJJtion.

I hope you enjoy the creative journey with me!

If you have any further questions about creJJtion, please feel free to contact me through maaike@crejjtion.com


  1. Maaike, what a great blog site! You have so many wonderful talents.. love your creativity and your photos capture that beautifully!

  2. I love reading your blog and now following your new adventures.

  3. I have been reading your blog and I love your photographs. Keep up the good work.

  4. Maaike, wat een geweldig blog heb je. Ik heb vandaag even goed gekeken. En vind je foto's prachtig. De gewone plaatjes aan de tafel. Heerlijk. Ben maar klein bloggertje, weet ook niet meer via wie ik bij jou kwam. Zag in eerdere post Nelleke staan. Die volg ik via twitter en pinterest. Heb je toevallig twitter? Ik ben je gaan volgen. En wat eigenlijk nog het leukste is, dat je uit Nederland komt.
    Groetjes, Martine.

  5. Goeiemorgen ! Leuk blog ! je werk via Etsy bekeken echt super mooi. Sinds kort ben ik ook een blog gestart en ben geen held met de pc maar volhouden haha dan zal het uiteindelijk wel goed komen. Hoe is het om in Canada te zijn ? Liefs, Ellen uit Nederland

  6. "Yay Yay" - that pronunciation makes your blogname SO great :-) Very fine story and introduction.

    I really like your designs, colors and work. I feel very much at home on your blog...

    Best wishes

  7. I'm so pleased I found your blog a few months ago. Your projects are all so beautifully photographed and inspiring. I've started making a hexagon blanket using your tutorial so thank you for that. I wrote a little post about it the other day on my blog.
    Looking forward to reading more over the coming months.

  8. Wat een geweldig blog, gisteren via via op je blog terecht gekomen en eigenlijk sinds gisteravond (op slapen na) alleen maar gekeken en me verheerlijkt! Fantastisch zoveel ideeën en geweldige kleurencombi's!
    En ideaal, ik kan nl schrijven en dat begrijp je, en engels lezen gaat mijn nog wel redelijk af dus vrijwel geen probleem, ik zeg IDEAAL!!

    Je hebt er een super geïnteresseerde volger bij, tnx voor het mogen meekijken bij al het leuks dat jij maakt!


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