crochet projects

welcome to the page of my finished crochet projects
with a little information about how I made them and the lessons learned during making the project

I happen to love making blankets
~ smile ~
all projects presented in chronological order of finishing, starting with the latest finished project

for an overview of the projects I did in 2012, please find my portfolio in the sidebar

if you have a question about any of these projects;
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~~~~~~~~~~ Dutch Canadian granny square blanket ~~~~~~~~~~
August 2011

this blanket started in the Netherlands and was finished in Canada
it will always be precious to me, as is reminds me of our emigration

there are many different ways to design granny square blankets
this is just one version I came up with while creating it, so it is my own pattern

the colors are picked to match the fabric in the middle picture, of which I made a crochet bag

as a celebration to the first year creJJtion I wrote out the pattern in four steps

1. make your granny squares
2. joining the squares as you go
3. make the edging
4. design your color layout

~~~~~~~~~~ super granny style blanket ~~~~~~~~~~
August 2011

this superblanket is made of LanaGrossa Bingo 100% merino wool
material: 31 dark blue, 4 cremewhite, on hooksize 5.5

according to this pattern from the Purl Bee I crocheted 160 stitches
10 dark blue stripes, 9 rows of granny clusters each
11 cremewhite stripes, double crochet in every stitch
to the finishing border I added a granny cluster row in white and again a row of double crochet in every stitch

due to the hooksize and yarn style this project is a relatively quick one
it measures about 1.60 m in a square and will of course get bigger over time when used
more pictures here

~~~~~~~~~~ blue sky blanket ~~~~~~~~~~
August 2011

inspired by the pretty Greengate blanket shown here
I used different stitches in this blanket and I love it

it is more time consuming then just straight rows, but worth all the effort I think
for this blanket I again used catania cotton, mixed with some vintage cotton, crocheting on hook size 3
it is designed 'as I went' thus no pattern used, if you click on the picture it will enlarge and show the design

rows of single crochet, rows of alternating normal stitches and a stitches instering hook one row lower

but the most appearing difference are the rows with clusters of 2 double crochets
for the first row 'make 2 double crochet in one stitch, skip one' and repeat between '
the second row and up: make clusters of 2 double crochet in the space between the clusters of the former
when finished after a few rows: 'make one single crochet in the stitch above the cluster, make one single crochet by inserting hook in gap between stitches' and repeat between ': this is to make the clusters blend in to the blanket more even

the edging consists of 3 rows of blue shades
this time going from light to dark ~ instead of dark to light as I did with the sailor blanket shown below
I prefer the colorrange in this blanket, as it looks more finished to my eyes
to make the edge blend in to the style of the blanket, I used clusters of 2 double crochet on the short ends
however, to make it not too curly on the long ends, I just went on with the double crochet in every stitch
to make a nice corner, I used 3 slipstitches there

more pictures of it you can find here and here

~~~~~~~~~~ raspberry mint ripple blanket ~~~~~~~~~~
June 2011

my first try out ripple blanket, so not that large; about baby blanket size only a little longer
I used one ball of yarn of each of the above shown labels using hooksize 4
the pattern you can find here but there are many alike patterns out there

I made this up of a repeating pattern of 2 rows of each color, until the final rows
to make the blanket a little more exciting on one end, it ends with one row of each color in reverse order

more about it along the way here and here

~~~~~~~~~~ granny blanket for grandma ~~~~~~~~~~
March 2011
for this blanket I used quite chunky cotton-acrylic yarn, hook size 5.5
the pattern I used for the squares you can find here link will be added later
to join them, I did not want a specific front and back- look, so I sew them together, with a nice flat result
for the edging I choose a not so curly version I designed myself
first row:  one single crochet in the stitch, chain one, skip one, and repeat, 2 chainst in the corner
second row: one single crochet in the gap between the stitches, chain one, repeat, 2 chain in the corner
third row: 3 double crochet in one gap between the stitches, 2 slipstitch in the next two stitches, repeat
in the corners you can see I used 6 double crochet to make it around the corner

~~~~~~~~~~ kökssoffa blanket ~~~~~~~~~~
February 2011
This blanket is custom made for our 'k√∂kssoffa'  ~ Swedish for 'kitchen-couch' ~
it is made of a cotton-acrylic blend, made of small squares of 8 square cm each
I used hook size 4, the blanket measures 170 x 80 cm
the little squares are joined into 'tiles', that are joined with four of them together
leaving two blocks of four 'tiles' each, joined together and given a broad edging to fit the couch

as you can see, cotton is not so easy to shape ~ the edges will curl up a little
that is due to the stiff  double crochet to join the tiles and because cotton needs some time to reshape

to create a front and back side on this blanket, I used the back of each v-stitch to join the squares
and to crochet the edging I did the same
the result is a rather 'flat' front as shown above-right, with a seam-showing back shown above-left

to make the edging match the style of the tiles
I added a middle row of double crochet, alternated with a chainstitch
the final row is double crochet in every stitch again, also the chainstitches, which gives the gaps as result

~~~~~~~~~~ babyblankets ~~~~~~~~~~

winter 2010-2011 I started and finished three babyblankets right after one another

I prefer to use cotton or a mixture of cotton-acrylic yarn for babyblankets:
 ~ cotton has more bright colors compared to wool, due to the texture
~ cotton is more washable and lasts longer when machine-washed often
~ mothers tend to like it, as some babies might be allergic or get too itchy when you use wool
~ cotton is less warm compared to wool: perfect for summer and spring

all babyblankets are about the same size: 45 x 60 cm, perfect to fit the stroller or as a little wrap
and when the babies grow up, they are able to use the blanket when playing with their little dolls
I was told the green blanket is used that way now
~ smile ~

~~~~~~~~~~ incafolk blanket ~~~~~~~~~~

the incafolk blanket is made of zeven different left-over pure cotton yarn, hook size 3.5, all double crochet
there is absolutely no pattern in the rows
the edging on the longsides was really a try out: it takes time and effort to find your own way in edging
it turned out to be 3 single crochet in each row-end, a little too curly to my taste,
therefore in the following blankets I used 2 double crochet in each row-end

on the short ends I made a girly edging:
first row = single crochet in between the stitches
second row = 3 double crochet in one stitch, slip stitch in the next stitch, repeat that

~~~~~~~~~~ candy blanket ~~~~~~~~~~

candy blanket is designed the other way around compared to the incafolk and sailor blanket:
the stripes are on the long edge of the blanket, so you will have to cast off little threads

NOTE: make sure you start the first row of chainstitches wide enough
if you don't, you will get a slightly bending blanket like I have here ~ you can see that in the middle picture
by starting the blanket on a wider chainstitch, you will get that same flexible edge as you have at the finishing row and the blanket will be straight on all sides

candy blanket is made of pure cotton, I used hook size 3.5, all double crochet
although it may look like all colours are used randomly, there is a pattern in it:
start with 3 rows of the same color ~ then 2 rows, 2 rows, 1 row ~ repeat that until you finish with 3 rows

the edging on this blanket is rather simple: on the row-end-side I used 2 double crochet in every row-end
on the other ends, to make it stand out as an edging and not blend into the stripes of the blanket, I used 2 double crochet in between the stitches, skip one and repeat that
 of course a girly edging would be possible on this one too but to my eyes the colors are already girly enough

~~~~~~~~~~ sailor blanket ~~~~~~~~~~

sailor blanket is made of pure cotton, I used hook size 3.5
this blanket has a pattern: alternate 3 rows of light/ middle/ dark blue and 2 rows of white/ beige/ yellow

to give this wide-striped blanket a little extra, I decided to broaden the edging
first row: on the row-end-side 2 double crochet in every row-end
on the other ends, use 2 double crochet in between the stitches, skip one and repeat that
second and third row: double crochet in every gap between two stitches, use 3 chain stitches in the corners
fourth row: 2 single crochet in every gap between two stitches, to give it a more firm and finished look

~~~~~~~~~~~ babytoy Lizzy ~~~~~~~~~~
November 2010

my first and thus far only 3D- crochet project
based on this pattern from

as you can see I changed the crochet-eyes in the pattern to little beads
and the flowers I embroidered on the dress are not in the pattern as well

~~~~~~~~~~ my first crochet project ~~~~~~~~~~
baby blanket for the newborn daughter of one of my colleagues
summer 2010

made of 25 single squares ~ 20 granny squares and 5 with a circle in the middle
the yarn is pure cotton, I used hooksize 3
the edging is made of three rows of double crochet in the back of each stitch, finished with a girly border:
3 double crochet in one stitch, skip 2, repeat that