Thursday, December 16, 2010


we don't send loads of christmascards
just a few every year
so I allow myself to buy beauties

~  I am aware that beauty is in the eye of ... ~

this year they came all the way from the USA
I saw them in the digital magazine Gifted, start at page 31
and immediately fell in love with the designs from Rifle Paper Co.
I ordered the designs as shown below... although it was hard to choose!


~ what about you and christmascards? ~

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  1. mIjn kaarten zijn gekocht maar niet verstuuurd en LANG niet zo leuk..:-)
    ps leuk recept voor Amaretti met hazelnoot likeur op mijn blog- heel lekker!!

  2. Hi Maaike...they are really lovely cards. Having a small boy is useful because I get him to draw or colour something Christmassy and then it gets mades into cards! There is really such a selection of beautiful cards around is hard to choose. x

  3. Those are such a pretty cards:) We also send out cards each year and I usually get them from M&S.....Kisses, darling

  4. I still love sending cards and handwriting notes/letters ...I know, so many people opt not to using the internet instead, but I like to have cards in hand and so I send. It was nice to add new friends form the blog world this year...I try for an Arizona theme to those who live away. E-mail me your address, I would love to send one of my cards to you!

  5. Oh sooo beautiful cards! I really enjoy them! Thanks for sharing! xxx

  6. I picked some beautiful cards, Maaike. I have sent some around the globe this year.
    Have a happy Friday and a great weekend ahead! Fijn weekend, xx


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~