Monday, January 31, 2011


although I love to embroider and paint
I do not mind when other people do it for me

~  smile ~

I wonder
who embroidered hours and nights, in a rocking chair by the fire, and created these lovely skaters?
who sat down with a set of colours,  at the kitchen table, and painted this traybeauty, in the year I was born?

that is one of the things I love about second-hand shops
you can let your mind go when you look at the treasures
and give them their own stories

and just for now: we calmly glide and skate into the new winterweek
which I hope will be colourful for you all
and will be as warm and encouraging as all the Lovely comments you wrote on the former post

~ I am still glowing... ~


  1. How lovely they are....thank you for sharing

  2. Love the new banner Maaike! That little Dutch skating scene is so sweet! By the way, how would a non-Dutch speaking person like me pronounce Maaike? In my mind I say it to sound like 'maker' that right? x

  3. Mooi hoor! Ik heb twee witte kleuterstoeltjes, die in een zelfde stijl door iemand beschilderd zijn. Om heel lang te koesteren ook al staan ze een beetje in de weg :-).

  4. So lovely...I too always wonder where these treasures have come from...who's hands has worked on them....if only they could talk.

    Happy February my friend....xoxoxo

  5. Hi Maaike - so your name is pronounced My-keh rather than May-keh...a very pretty name. I haven't started the quilt yet...I am finishing off some blankets for people and then am going to make myself a crochet hook roll to get used to the machine again! I will report on progress xx

  6. I love all of these beautiful things. You are so is interesting to think about all the love and time and work someone put into making these things. I used to embroider and cross stitch quite a bit...makes me think I should pick it up again.
    Have a great day!

  7. Dear Maaike, I simply LOVE your blog and I am enchanted with all colors you use in your work!! I love that vintage flowered fabric you used to make the cover of your sewing machine...oh, amazing!!! Whata delicate work! You know I do not have a cover for my sewing machine yet? rsrsrsrs...I don't!
    Thanks for your visit at Chá de Baunilha, your comment made my day! Much love to you!!! Bela

  8. I just love those skaters...beautiful!


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~