Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thank You

one more Sweden-post
about my last visit

bye for now lovely Sweden

yesterday I did make it through airport security
two magazines did not, they had to stay due to overweight suitcases
but the pie dish, the fabrics and yarn all survived ~ yeaj

so this is Thank You to brother, girlfriend and cat
for your generosity and the gezelligheid

and of course the delicious food and all the beauty in and around your home

I enjoyed it all a lot

~ love ~


  1. Wat een heerlijke foto's! Over 2 maanden mogen wij weer naar dat heerlijke land. Ik ben echt al aan het aftellen ...

    X San

  2. Je foto's laten idd zien dat je genoten hebt!
    Liefs Michaja

  3. Emmy(almost 4, that is important...) says she likes the cat.:) Inspired by you I found Pages on my Apple and have started to play around in this layout program. I think I will make quite a few changes to the better over at my place in the near future. After all I am a graphic designer... I just took a 10 year long nap and swisch - technology overtook me in high speed. I feel like the turtle in the race against the fast rabbit... Slowly also brings you somewhere. Have a lovely day. Your messages really are special to me. They feel like they come from a friend.

  4. It is so sad what the world has come to today when it comes to flying. I live in a country with censorship so buying magazines elsewhere is a must. I would hate to leave them behind. Sounds like you had a lovely time and memories to boot. Have a beautiful day. Tammy

  5. The photos are fantastic, and Sweden has to be wonderful. Congratulations, sister of our shared world.

  6. Fijn te horen dat (bijna) alles in nederland is aangekomen ;) Zo'n mooie spulletjes wil je natuurlijk niet achterlaten.
    Prachtige foto's alweer.En wat een ontzettende leuke poes :)

  7. Thank you for sharing the lovely pictures....

  8. Machtige foto's! Hoe zet je die zo mooi op je blog? Mij lukt dat fotoplaatsen niet! Help!!

  9. Everything looks so lovely. xoxoxo Glad your stay was filled with so much JOY! xoxoxo

  10. Beautiful pictures...they tell a good story, greetings, Nicole

  11. Geweldige foto's!! Heerlijk om daar een adresje te hebben... Succes met al je aankopen :-) De resultaten komen vast wel weer langs hier in blogland!

  12. Bedankt! Zat net even bij picasa te klooien... jouw idee lijkt me haalbaarder en als ik het resultaat zie...! Ik probeer het morgen vast!

  13. Beautiful images that exude joie de vivre, and the simple things .. love!
    beautiful evening!

  14. Gorgeous pics! -- please take me with you next time! *grin*

  15. I loved sweden! I love that ginger kitty too

  16. Wat een lieve poessie, gezellig daar in Zweden!


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~