Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Crochet heart tutorial

thank you so much readers
for all your sweet, lovely, enthusiastic comments on our engagement!
we could not have wished for any more than that, Huge Thank You's

he, former boyfriend, now fiance, proposed on April 1st
and yes, we are busy planning the wedding, since The Big Day is this summer
without further detail, everything is going great and we are both loving it, although it is a lot of work

last Friday the fiance and I were celebrating our 12 year anniversary
and I went wedding-dress-shopping with both mothers ~ we had the most perfect day

that scale you see in the pictures is the one we found on our engagement-day

well let's get back to blogging business
~ smile ~
you all requested for the pattern of the cute little hearts my friend Wija made in this post
the pattern is from Little Birdie Secrets and you can find it here

but, as I am all in the hearts-and-love-mood now
I designed a little heart myself too
and there it is: my very first photo-tutorial

How To Crochet a Heart

note: I am left-handed. You, right-handed, might make the turn of the heart the other way around

 1. start a loop
2. round 1: chain 4
3. close loop by pulling yarn through the first chain
4. round 2: all worked in chain-circle. first stitch: yarn over- pull yarn though loop - 3 loops on hook now - pull yarn through all 3 loops in once
 5. it will look like this now
6. double crochet: yarn over before you insert hook in the chain - pull though- yarn over - pull through 2 loops on hook - yarn over - pull through 2 (all) loops left on hook
7. triple crochet: yarn over 2 times- pull hook through loop- yarn over- pull yarn through 2 loops - yarn over - pull yarn through 2 loops - yarn over- pull yarn through 2 (all) loops left on hook
8. it should look like this now
 9. double crochet
10. two times single crochet
11. double crochet
12. triple crochet (like in number 7) round 2 is now half-way
 13. now repeat number 4 to 12 in reverse: double crochet - 2 times single crochet - double crochet - triple crochet - double crochet - stitch as in number 4
14. insert hook in middle of the heart
15. yarn over and pull loop through
note: if this little heart is the perfect size for you, finish it off with 7 chain stitches, as done in step 24
16. round 3. this round consists of single crochet worked into the stitches of the first round. start with instering hook in first stitch, yarn over, pull through, yarn over, pull through

 17. in the first stitch, one single crochet. in the following 3 stitches, 2 times single crochet, to be able to make that circle of the heart stay round
18. it should look like this now
19. in the following stitches, until the treble crochet, use one single crochet in every stitch
20. before going back on the other side of the heart, in the triple crochet below, make two chainstitches, followed by one single crochet, to make the angle stand out
 21. it should look like this now
22. again use single crochet in the following 3 stitches
23. make 2 single crochet in the following 3 stitches to create a smooth bow, single crochet in the last stitch
24. to finish off nicely, insert hook in middle of the heart, yarn over, pull through loop on hook, chain 7
25. Tadaa! your crochet heart

now this is my very first tutorial ever
I hope some of you would like to give it a try
and tell me if anything is unclear or wrong, or if you see options for improvement...

~ happy heartful day to you ~

if you appreciate this tutorial and like to see more in the future, you are welcome to


  1. Wat een prachtige schaal! En als ik weer eens zin in haken krijg dan probeer ik het hartje zeker uit!

  2. I LOVE that bowl! Stunning! xxx

  3. Hoi Maaike, ben dol op hartjes en deze ken ik nog niet. Ga het zeker proberen. Groetjes, Hannie

  4. Maaike, thanks for the tutorial, it looks great. I am going to try it out later, as I have been wanting to try some crochet. Good luck with all your wedding plans, try not to get stressed, just enjoy it, it all goes by so quickly. I planned my own wedding in 6 weeks, it was only a small family affair, but it was lovely. Love Linda x

  5. Hee Maaik!

    Je eerste tutorial en meteen zo professioneel aangepakt! Ziet er mooi uit! Ik ga je hartje natuurlijk uitproberen en laat je het resultaat zien :)

    Fijn dat het shoppen zo goed ging afgelopen weekend, zie ik je vrijdag?!

    Liefs Wij

  6. Wat een mooie schaal, prachtig patroon. Bedankt voor je 'tutorial' super. Leuk om een slinger van te maken voor op m'n dochters nieuwe kamer. Succes met de verdere voorbereidingen hè. Druk maar wel heeeel leuk.

    Liefs Jolanda.

  7. This tutorial was perfect :) It was great! Good Job! Now, question....as I am too lazy to scroll up and see if you have answered this already.... What will you make out of all the tiny hearts???

  8. Congratulations on your engagement! Great news!
    Thanks for the heart tutorial. I'm left-handed, too. I'll give it a try later this week and I'll let you know how it went.

  9. Congratulations on your engagement! Can't wait to hear more about your wedding plans. Are you going to make something for your wedding with the little blue hearts? I will have to try to make one of your hearts this week and see how I do. I am still very much a beginner when it comes to crochet.

  10. Hi Maaike,
    I will be trying your heart..maybe they will be part of your wedding?
    thank you for sharing your tutorial.

  11. I love the hearts!! Congratulations on your engagement....so exciting!

  12. Amaaai, zo spannend allemaal! Ik ben ook wel benieuwd om meer over de trouwplannen te horen :)

    Dankjewel voor de toffe tutorial! Je hebt het zo goed uitgelegd en je hebt er zo'n mooie foto's van genomen dat ik (die totaaal geen ervaring heeft met haken) misschien ook wel zo'n hartje zou kunnen haken :) Ik ben benieuwd...

  13. Hej! Wat een mooie schaal! Super gewoon.
    En heerlijk om te lezen dat je zo van je verlovingstijd geniet!
    En natuurlijk heel erg bedankt voor je geweldige tutorial! Mooi gedaan hoor!

    Dikke X San

  14. Prachtige schaal zeg! En oh we willen wel foto's straks zien van je jurk he!!! :)
    Heel veel voorbereidings plezier.
    Liefs Michaja

  15. Maaike, when is the wedding? I would love to send something special to you just before. Rachael Xx

  16. Thank you for the heart tutorial I must try it! These would be very pretty for a wedding!
    Rachel x

  17. These are so lovely...if only I could make them.....hugs. xoxoxo

    How exciting to shop for your dress...Joy x 100! hugs

  18. ik vind jouw hexagons echt super, heb je daar ergens een link van een handleiding van want ik wil ze ook proberen, het liefst in het nederlands. Ik heb het wel over die simpele met één kleur.

    ps. alvast bedankt.

  19. FYI, your unnamed stitch in step four is called a half-double-crochet. I've abbreviated your steps for quick reference:

    ch4 - sl into 1st ch
    1. all in centre sp: hdc, dc, tr, dc, 2sc, dc, tr, dc, 2sc, dc, tr, dc, hdc, sl

    2. sc, 2sc in each of next 3 st, 2sc, 2ch, 3sc, 2sc in each of next 3 st, sc, sl, ch 7



~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~