Monday, May 30, 2011

Magazine Love

did I ever tell you
I have a magazine-fetish?

the more and the prettier the pictures
the better

Country Homes & Interiors for example
shows to my surpirse a how-to in their June issue

one of the most beautiful crochet blankets I know
I first saw it at Coco Rose Diaries

also in the June issue
some pictures that tell the story of my weekend
and seem to match a few items that I see around here

are you ready for some picture-story-mixing fun?

I have some festive crochet to do
wish I could lay down there with a book
and ripple some more ripples along the blanket I am working on

I had a great tea and make-up session with my friends
the fiance and I had fun with divine twine
and the dress-shopping with the girls was great and succesful

~  smile about my magazine~life story ~

wishing you a colorful new week!


  1. Prachtige plaatjes! en je maakt me zo nieuwsgierig naar je twine-garen en naar je jurk....;)


  2. Happy colourful new week to you also :)

  3. Oh I love your picture story mixing! Such pretty images, all of them!
    Rachel x

  4. All those blankets are gorgeous - I can see why you want to get back to your stitching. Glad you had some luck with the dress shopping - one of the most important things!

  5. Love your images today my sweet friend...hugs for a great new week...xoxoox

  6. Heerrrlijke plaatjes!! Het is zo heerlijk om weg te zwijmelen bij plaatjes... bloggen is voor mij ook voortdurend 'tijdschriftje bladeren'. Je weekend klinkt top, fijne week!

  7. Ik heb ook zo'n verslaving... Heb stapels en stapels (en lees ze ook echt nog terug!) Internet is heerlijk, maar ik blijf ook van bladen houden.

    x Iris

  8. Inderdaad prachtig foto's Maaike!
    Ik ben er zo'n eentje die wel bladen koopt maar er niet de tijd voor neemt om er in te kijken.
    Liefs Michaja

  9. Hoi Maaike,

    Bij mij liggen de stapels ook onder de salontafel. Vooral Engelse bladen zoals de Country Living en de Country Homes & Interiors lees ik erg graag.

    Wat een prachtig jurkje op de laatste foto. Helemaal mijn smaak.

    Lieve groet & gezellige nieuwe week!


  10. Yes Maaike, I have been reading that magazine also and it inspired me to start doing a little crochet but I won't show it just yet, need to practice some more! Glad you had such a lovely weekend, love Linda x

  11. I LOVE this! That dress is amazing!!!!

  12. leuk op je blog te ontdekken! groetjes, @nne

  13. Thanks for your lovely comments on my bunting. I too am a magazine a holic! Can I quietly whisper I have bought five this week? All craft of course! But I keep them forever and look back on them frequently for inspiration. What beautiful crochet pictures.
    Sally x

  14. Hello!
    My goodness, this is serendipity - I was browsing Coco Rose Diaries yesterday and saw that gorgeous blanket - and now today I find you telling us it is in a magazine!! I must find it, and get it - thank you very much for sharing!
    Sending love
    Julia x


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~