Friday, May 20, 2011

Vintage couples

for the love of vintage cards
doesn't this duo on the left make you smile?

for the love of happy couples
and vintage zippers

for the love of candy
my and the fiance's favorite: Les Anis de Flavigny

~ I love the little tin boxes and the candy, he just the candy, haha ~

wishing you
a big smile
happy couple love
vintage flowers
and some anis in your purse
this weekend

~ love ~


  1. lovely photo lovely this.. the bottom of Africa..

  2. I have a problem buying things for their tins too. There are these beautiful biscuit and teabag tins they have over's making me eat a lot of biscuits! Gorgeous photos, as always.

  3. Lekker die anijssnoepjes! Ik kreeg een blikje van m'n moeder. Zo'n zoet plaatje.

  4. Ohhh, wat een mooie plaatjes heb je weer, prachtige combinaties.
    Heb je al een kapper gevonden? Jammer, dat het zo'n eind uit de buurt is. Ik word op het moment ook helemaal plat gebeld voor kapsels. Het zijn echt trouwmaanden. Maargoed,wel leuk. Als je haar maar goed zit hè :-)

    Fijn weekend.

  5. What pretty photo's I love all things vintage x

    Happy sunny weekend to you. x Leah x

  6. Lovely images as always Maaike!...
    Also...I have my new 'Lola's Blog of the Week' button on my blog...all my favourite blogs are in a basket and I draw a name out each Friday..this week it will be 'Crejjtion' my friend!...
    Wishing you a lovely weekend,
    Susan x

  7. Such pretty images today my sweet friend...those bonbon are packaged up so pretty...sign!

    Happy weekend. xoxo

  8. thank you for yet again sharing wonderful photos.

  9. Mooie foto's, die eerste is helemaal leuk, zo lief :)!

  10. Oh those candies & the zippers...pure delight!

  11. Oh you romantic you! How are the wedding plans coming along? Love Linda x

  12. Van die zoete kindertjes! Wat een mooie foto's. Ben ik een beetje jaloers op. Groetjes en fijn weekend, Hannie

  13. Such gorgeous things, Maaike! I especially love the little boxes of mints. Have a lovely weekend xxx

  14. All of your images look so pretty together. I bought some of those candies for my daughter for a present, I couldn't resist the little tin either, I wonder if she still has it:) Enjoy your shopping. Thank you for stopping by. xo

  15. ADORE the pansies and the two wee ones in the first card... that made me laugh :D

  16. Hello again Maaike, so glad you are enjoying planning your wedding. Can't wait to hear all about it! Thankyou so much for your lovely comments, love Linda x

  17. Those 2 little kids are so adorable!
    Thanks for visiting my blog, and leaving a nice comment. I might start on the heart, but I need to get myself the needle first!!
    enjoy the rest of your weekend:)


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~