Wednesday, June 22, 2011


over a year ago

I started crocheting these granny squares

they are planned to become a kingsize bedthrow

~ love the blue shades ~

~ love the size when it is finished ~

I am half way with the squares now

and I need your help: should I
1. make more squares like this with unique colorarrangements ~ like in the picture above
2. make the other squares single colored and alternate rows of them with the multi-colored ones ~like below

thank you for your thoughts already ~ how much I love blogging when it comes to these questions!

this is the WIP I am about to start working on again
a perfect summer project I think

there is another Huge and Really Exciting project in my personal life this summer
and I am not talking about the wedding

more about that in a few days


  1. love seeing your works in progress, maaike. you are so talented. i especially like the soft colors of your current crochet master-piece.

    have a lovely day.

  2. I would go for option 1. Either way I am sure it would look fantastic!

  3. Hoi Maaike,

    Ook ik kies voor optie 1, maar je moet vooral doen wat je zelf wil!

    Sinds kort ben ik ook verslaafd aan het maken van Granny squares. Mijn bedoeling is om net als jij een sprei te maken. De eerste twaalf zijn inmiddels klaar......

    Succes verder met de deken. Wat je ook besluit, het wordt vast en zeker prachtig!

    groetjes van Madelief x

  4. Hmmm so many options... What about piecing 4 squares together first to make a bigger square - and then surrounding those with a same colour before piecing those together. I think it will look gorgeous whatever you decide. x

  5. Creemos que te puede quedar muy bonito de las dos maneras, un saludo

  6. haha, je weet ons wel nieuwschierig te maken zeg!!! ben heel erg benieuwd naar je nieuwe project!

    mhz, lastige keuze; in eerste instantie zou ik optie 1 kiezen Maar als het echt een hele grote sprei wordt geeft optie 2 misschien optisch een veel rustiger beeld...waar ik ook wel van hou :)

    nouja, van mij wordt je dus niet veel wijzer,haha.

  7. I like the idea of solid colour squares in there too, but I am more of a random girl and would just spread them out there willy-nilly, rather than in rows. Any way you decide, it's going to look fabulous. I love blue!

  8. I think your second idea is more original! But there is a third option... You can degrade from the dark blue to the light blue... as mine under this link:

  9. I love the color combo. It's a great idea for a little boy blanket :) I vote for option #1...but you didn't tell us which one you were most interested in!

  10. without a doubt: mix it up with solids: it'll show off the colour combinations in the multi-coloured ones... chessboard wise for example, or in rows as you proposed. am curious to see the result in any case.

  11. Ehm ... ik ga voor optie 2. En dan zou ik de effen gekleurde om en om met de granny squares doen. Dat maakt het wat speelser. Succes met kiezen! Groetjes, Esther

  12. Optie 1, lijkt mij het mooiste!
    Ben benieuwd naar het project..

  13. Your sea and sand colors are gorgeous together.

  14. Oh how many different ways of putting those pretty grannies together... IA Nyckelpiga made a nice big bedthrow and she put together the squares 4 and 4 with a solid color around. Might be 1 alternative. Another is to use a solid color to join the squares that kinda frames the blanket, light beige, creamy white or maybe even dark blue. ooops. Friends knocking on the door. Gotta go. Kram

  15. I like option number one myself sweet friend...but either way it will be stunning! Hugs.

  16. I have to say how much I love your colour choices, and the squares you have made so far are brilliant, looking lovely together.
    If it were me, I would be contemplating two ideas: keep them all random, as in your first picture, or 2, do a random granny then a plain, then a random, then a plain...does that makes sense? So the multi coloured ones are interspersed by a plain granny...whatever you do I think it's going to look fabulous anyway and I will look forward to the Big Reveal!!

    Love Julia x


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~