Sunday, June 12, 2011

Stockholm #3

what can I say?

Skansen is one of the most photogenic places I have been lately

I just couldn't stop taking pictures

and I cannot stop making combinations of them

so here is a little selection... haha

welcome to Skansen, Djurgarden Stockholm

step back in time ~ look how the volunteers are dressed

all buildings in this outdoor museum were carefully broken down somewhere in Sweden and rebuilt here

inside you will find handcrafts of all sorts

all practiced while you watch and ask them questions

of course some wool and fabric crafts too

amazingly beautiful wallpapers all handpainted of course... sigh

beautiful flowers inside and outside ~ basically everywhere

when you get to Stockholm, you will be surprised about the amount of children you see everywhere
so it is no surprise you see them in Skansen too, as well as their lost ~and found~ pacifiers

oh and I almost forgot to mention that in Skansen you will see all wildlife that lives in Sweden
so this is not a cat ~ smile

I hope you are enjoying this city tour with me
there are some shopping pictures left for a next post...



  1. Lovely photos! I've been in Stockholm many times for business purposes and I never had the chance to visit Skansen. Now I see what I've missed!
    I'm enjoying this tour!

  2. Weer een argument om Kopenhagen een keer voor Stockholm en omgeving te verruilen. Mooie foto´s hoor!

  3. My dream destination! You took such great photos!

  4. Wat een mooie plekje! Leuk om zo met je mee te kijken.

    groetjes van Madelief

  5. Dag Maaike,
    Wat ziet dit er prachtig uit!!
    Ben laatst in het openlucht museum in Enkhuizen geweest, daar doet het me aan denken, en ik heb toen ook heeeeeeeeeeeel veel foto´s gemaakt!
    Groetjes, Chrissie

  6. I am in love with Skansen! Love Linda x

  7. Gorgeous photos, as always! So, if it's not a cat, then what is it??? Should I be scared?

  8. Hermosas fotos!!!! Saludos desde Argentina.

  9. Gorgeous! I want to visit...

  10. Thanks, it's wonderfull
    One day, I'll go in this place
    have a good holidays

  11. Again! I got to take my kids to SKansen this summer. HAven't been there in years. My Mom called me Saturday to let me know my brother was getting married. Saturday! AT SKansen. Tehy have a drop in marriage place. They took a number and stood in line to make their vowels and sign the papers. Later tehre will be a big party. Ohh my. This weekend is so full of emotions. Happy, sad, excited, overwhelmed, thrilled, amuzed... You name it. ANother wonderful picture potpurri of yours. Makes me sigh as it is so breathtakingly beautiful!

    Oh, and I am happy to hear you found my shell stitch blanket! It is a great pattern and you will love the smooth motion of making a blanket like that. :D And thanks for comforting words about the puppies... No other solutions than finding new homes though. It is heartbreaking but now I am going outside to play with them as we still got them around for a little bit longer. I just don't understand my landlord. How can she say blank no to these? It just doesn't make sense...

  12. love the photo's, especially the flowers inside and out...your combinations are great! lovely to see the sun, it is so cold down here in the southern most tip of Africa at the moment....

  13. Amazing photos and a lovely place. I've been in Stockholm many years ago but the countryside is another thing..
    My mom come from Oslo so I love Scandinavian country and way of life!
    Lovely blog!

  14. Hello,

    I just wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for a blogger award. You can find out more here:

    Much love,

  15. Beautiful photos would love to visit, everything looks so lovely, must put it on my places to go dream list :)
    Karen x

  16. Hoi Maaike,
    Wauw, wat mooi allemaal! Ik zou heel graag met mijn jongens (48, 13 en 8) eens naar Stockholm gaan maar heb daar tot nu toe altijd wat tegenop gezien. Maar als ik dit zo zie ... geweldig! Tips zijn dus zeer welkom!
    sonjavanarem AT

  17. comme c' est beau on aimerais faire la visite avec toi c' est magnifique de belles photos merci a toi de nous faire voyager tu pourras voyager a travers mon blog également
    a bientôt dane


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~