Wednesday, July 20, 2011


today is a day of joy and BlogLove

the sun is out and the flowers look bright

I am linking up to a little flower on Wednesday

also, some bloglove has been flying around the globe

from Amsterdam to Canada I finally sent the give-away to Koralee from BlueBird Notes

and it arrived yesterday!

a reversible bag, some crochet hearts and Divine Twine ~ I hope you enjoy all of it Koralee

if you have not visited her blog before, go quick! you will love her sweet and wonderful style

and last but not least on this Happy Day

I got the versatile blogger award from pretty Tales from Cuckoo Land

in her last post for example, a very sweet baby combined with beautiful crochet ~ who can resist?

and did you see that beauty of a tea cosy on the right in the sidebar?

therefore these sweet hearts I sent to Koralee

are here in a picture for you ~ sweet visitors and followers
to thank you for your lovely words here on creJJtion and e-mails in my inbox
you are the best!
and if you are ready for more linking, please check out the following new lovelies I just found in BlogLand
Angelique Puur en Blij ~ look at that scarf! who can resist a new project?
Linda Kadoosje ~ scroll down to that amazing crochet cushioncover!
Angelique and Linda, you are more than welcome to take that versatile blogger award if you feel like it
~ have a sweet Wednesday my friends! ~


  1. Thank you Maaike for the award! It's on my blog now... :-)
    Best regards,
    Angelique | Puur & Blij

  2. Thank you for your comments on my blog. I love to see glimpses of other bloggers lives around the world. I hope your move to Canada goes well.

  3. wat een mooie foto's weer, en wat een schattige hartjesslinger :D!

  4. Sweet dear fill my heart with JOY!!! Can I borrow some of these photos? YOur images are the BEST!!!!
    A million thanks for such amazing treats! love to you.

  5. Lovely, pretty photographs Maaike...I love Koralee's blog too...
    Hope the sun keeps shining for you!
    Susan x

  6. I love love love KoraLee and know she will love love love your sweet giveaway. What fun. I will keep my eyes peeled.

  7. I love that blog! Congratulations on your lil award ^_^ I also love your garland. I never thought to make a multi coloured version!


  8. It was lovely to discover your beautiful blog via Koralee. The crocheted hearts are sweet.
    Congratulations on your Award and love the sweet gifts you sent the lovely Koralee.

    Glad the sun is shinning there and I hope you have a happy day

  9. I just came over from Kora Lees blog.I just ADORE those little crochet hearts on that tiny yarn string too cute.Thanks for sharing!

  10. Hi Maaike ! I'm here visiting from Koralee's.
    I think your heart garland is the sweetest thing!
    Thank you soooo much for sharing the patter. I found it in your links and it is very gracious of you to share!
    I have "Birdie Secrets" in one of my other links and I always forget to stop and visit them. Looks like I should give them more prominence. I will also visit here again!
    ~ So nice to 'meet' you ~

  11. also here from Koralee's .
    are you realy moving to canada ? wauw
    big step ! Have a wonderful weekend


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~