Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mollie Makes

in the wonderful world of blogging I first saw the new magazine Mollie Makes

lately here for example, a pretty blog by the Australian mother and daughter team

in Amsterdam I could not find it, but in Toronto...

... I did find it!

and it is as pretty as I hoped it would be

I installed myself under a tree in a light sun today, with Mollie and some crochet

in this third issue you will find some cute crochet flower and butterfly patterns

as well as extraordinary but very pretty (wedding) bouquet ideas and how-to instructions

Mollie is packed with ideas that combine hand made and thriftstore found items ~ and I love it

it inspired me to add three more rows of squares to the Dutch/Canadian blanket

two more rows at the top to make it square shaped and ready for the edging,
for which I have several ideas in mind

 any suggestions from your side on how to do the edging?

~ love ~


  1. The squares look so pretty...I alwasy did a simple reverse crab stitch...or a simple shell...but I don't crochet much anymore. I am sure you will make it lovely. Glad you are adjusting well to Toronto.....

  2. I can't wait to be back in the UK so that it's not so difficult to find. The blanket looks great. Cx

  3. Oh its so funny I just found that magazine yesterday.It looks very interesting and fun,hope to get my before winter starts.Happy Wednesday ahead!

  4. Issue 3 looks just as lovely - can't wait till that one arrives here in Australia! Your crocheted blanket looks gorgeous. I agree with Gracie that a simple shell edging would be beautiful.

    Thanks so much for the mention :)

  5. Mmmmmmm, wat een smul plaatjes! Je deken wordt prachtig!!

  6. Such pretty colours! I would love to be able to make something like that.
    Come check out my Giveaway!

  7. Hoi Maaike,

    Wat heb ik veel posten gemist. Ik zie dat jullie inmiddels in Canada zijn. Ik hoop dat alles goed is gegaan?!

    Je deken wordt prachtig. Dat je daar nog tijd voor hebt?!!!

    Lieve groet,

    Madelief x

  8. Oh wow, the blanket is looking fabulous! I have no advice on edging because I can't crochet to save myself, but I've no doubt whatever you choose will be fantastic. Your instincts are never wrong!

  9. Haak je je granny's "on the go" aan elkaar? Het ziet er in elk geval super uit, je deken. Voor een rand zou ik iets eenvoudigs doen, in één lichte kleur.

  10. Wish I could get my hands on that Mollie Makes... I am as green as Fiona of envy... Like I need more inspiration??? Having my head spinning like on a hyper 4 year old with projects I would love to accomplish but with not that many hours on my hands.

    Looks like a fabulous day out. Now I got even greener... Can't remember when I had a quiet moment like that last...


  11. wat een mooie plaatjes :D, en wat word het deken super mooi :D!

  12. Kijk, en dat is nou 1 van de vele grote voordelen van canada! :) Stiekem een beetje jaloers op je mollie ;)

    Geniet ervan en ik hoop dat je nog vele mooiere 'schatten' gaat ontdekken.

  13. Oh I love that inspiring..I have 2 issues I could only find when I was in the US s...where in Canada did you find it my friend? Isn't this issue adorable!

    Hugs and love...xoxox

  14. I found this magazine a couple of months ago and now subscribe to it, its wonderful isn't it. Glad you are enjoying your time in Canada!
    love Jillxx

  15. So pleased you are enjoying Mollie Makes and you have been inspired! We love the crochet blanket you are working on. Do you have a link to the pattern? We would love to know.

    Muchious love

    MM x

  16. Wat een geweldig leuk blad Maaike! Heerlijk om in te kijken en iedeen op te doen.
    Fijne vakantie verder,
    liefs Ester

  17. what a beautiful knowledge you have with the combination of colours!

  18. just found your lovely blog :) the blanket looks so gorgeous!

  19. Wat een mooie foto's weer:) Je deken wordt heel erg leuk. Ik had over Mollie Makes zo'n slechte recensie gelezen, maar jij blijkt het een inspirerend tijdschrift te vinden?

  20. Molly Makes issss such a wonderful magazine...we are a month behind in distribution here in the US. Love all your sweet projects! the squares are amazing!


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~