Friday, August 19, 2011

We're here... and sound!

Thank You So Much
for all your well-wishes to our flight and stay

so far they really worked
the flight was very relaxing and our stay in Canada has been sunny, comfortable and happy the last two days

along with us flew my newest work in progress
half Dutch and half Canadian now

~ smile ~

very little squares attached to each other as I go

ends weaved in one row at a time

a great project to work on while building up our new life

also, a big welcome to the new followers!

~ sending you Canadian summer love ~


  1. so glad you're safe and sound. best of luck to you as you settle in canada.


  2. Glad to hear you made it safely.I love your afghan its so precious.Best of luck on your new home!~~Becky

  3. awesome! welcome to the .... North America :) I was about to welcome you to the states. Ha! i hope you have a great trip. i'm digging the new project. i love a simple granny square :)

  4. The granny squares look beautiful!!!Best of luck in settling down!!

  5. AHappy you had a good flight. Keep us posted as you settle the granny squares.

  6. Pure delight my happy you are safe and sound and on my soil!!! Hope your first impressions are great ones! Life is so different over here.
    Your blanket is so pretty.

    Make sure as soon as you have your new address you send it to me. Love and hugs. xoxoxo

  7. How sweet that your new days have been good already....since you had lived here before...there will be many familiar things....I can only imagine Canada is a better with you both here!

  8. fijn dat het allemaal zo goed gegaan is en leuk dat het een tweetalig project wordt hihi
    Veel geluk daar!

  9. Glad you got there safe and sound..! That blanket is beautiful. :-)

    Ashley xxx

  10. Fijn! Spannend hoor deze grote stap. Suus

  11. I am happy to hear about your news.
    Your new project, as always, is lovely.
    Wishing you a very nice weekend in your new home!! :)

  12. God to know your trip went smotth & good to see you're busy on a wonderful new project!

  13. Fijn dat jullie goed zijn aangekomen.
    Geniet van elke nieuwe dag !

  14. Hoi, ik wens jullie veel geluk in Canada! Wat bijzonder dat jullie dit mogen meemaken.
    En jouw deken wordt een deken met een herinnering op deze manier, toch?
    Ik blijf je zeker volgen. Hopelijk breng je ons veel leuks uit Canada, hahaha...

  15. Wat fijn om te horen dat jullie goed zijn aangekomen!! En nu alweer aan je haakwerk!haha, verslaafd? ;)

  16. Is incredible that you are so far away now (you were also far away before), but you stay in the same site for me, this is the magic of intertnet. I am happy that you are well and everythig is ok. My best wishes for you and your new life in Canada. Love from Spain.

  17. Best of luck in your new home.
    Loving the new blanket :D
    Karen x

  18. How nice. Nice to hear everything went well. Lovely WiP as always... Love your choice of colors.:)

  19. Wat leuk dat je al zo snel van je laat horen! En wat ben je weer aan een mooi projectje bezig! En heel byzonder ... in 2 landen gemaakt! Mooie herinnering!
    Ik kan niet wachten op al je Canadese avonturen!

    Dikke kus vanuit Nederland!

  20. Oh wat heerlijk, Canada! Mooi project ben je weer aan het haken.

  21. Heel veel geluk daar en wat fijn hè blogland, kunnen we je gewoon blijven volgen :-) Wat een gaaf project heb je weer, ben helemaal weg van de kleuren.

  22. The blanket looks so beautyful! Good luck for your new life in Canada. Nicole

  23. welcome to the country i love more than any other
    my home
    i do hope it gave you a warm reception

  24. tout simplement bravo pour tout ces petits carrés aux couleurs chatoyantes bravo l' artiste
    très belles réalisations
    je te donne le lien vers mon blog tu pourras si tu veux me laisser un commentaire et me mettre dans ta liste de blogs à visiter et je ferais de même pour toi a bientôt dane


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~