Thursday, November 10, 2011

Magazine Love

for those of you sweeties who don't know yet

I looooove magazines

when we moved from Amsterdam to Toronto this summer

one of many many questions was: which magazines to take with me?

I forced myself to make a small selection ~ it was no fun

but, today there is such a thing as online magazines


this new one for example: Christmas 2011 InspiredIdeas from Amy Powers

stuffed with pretty crafty ideas, so inspirational

and the most amazing thing about this new magazine is

two of my sweet new Canadian friends contributed to it with their beautiful crafts!

Koralee from Bluebird Notes ~ I love her amazing crafts and pictures in blue and pink

she designed a beautiful pompom garland for this Christmas season

and Tracey from Helana and Ali ~ with the best ideas for felt, paper and fabric embellishments

she designed a pretty holiday brooch ~ that you can actually win! check our her give away

now that is Fun

by the way, in the top left picture you see Tracey's businesscard and the cute envelop it comes in

so sweet, I felt like receiving a gift when she gave it to me

I guess it is time to pop over to MOO and see what I can come up with for creJJtion...

and just in case you were wondering what the pictures have to do with the magazine

not so much ~ ha, you guessed that right

I was having fun today with my new thrift store finds

English china, Christmas ornaments and writing paper

in matching colors

I wonder: how do they always end up matching?


  1. It certainly sounds/looks like you are enjoying the move to Canada.

  2. Great photos, love all the cute stuff you've found! I also read Bluebird Notes, Koralee is a fellow Vancouver Island blogger :)

  3. Hi Maiike, thankyou for the tip on the new e-magazine, it looks great. I have just started following 'bluebird notes', so I am very interested to see her design. Have a wonderfully creative weekend, love Linda x

  4. I love your banner. Looks great! Thanks for including my card in your beautiful photos and the shout out to my giveaway! Xo Tracey

  5. your new blog banner is lovely, and the magazine looks amazing too...

  6. Ik ga meteen even kijken naar dat tijdschrift, lijkt me inderdaad inspirerend. En ik kan wel wat ideetjes voor kerst gebruiken! Je nieuwe header is erg mooi..zo ook je nieuwe vondsten!

  7. I had the same problem when we moved! And of course, every time I go to get a magazine to see something I've remembered, I realise that I left that one in Australia. Boo. :(( Oh well, good reason to buy more magazines here! Enjoy - love the photo of the Christmas ornaments especially.

  8. Will have a browse on these sites today, thanks for all the lovely links. Your photos are gorgeous as always!!
    Karen Xx

  9. Oh yes that Tracey is so inspiring...I sooo love her brooch..I think it is my favourite in the magazine.
    I love your new look...the banner is so cute. I must design a Christmas one soon. I wish I had a way more time on my hands to play and create.
    Thank you for the mention my and hugs to you...I adore the platter with the turquoise sides and the roses in the joy joy.

  10. Firstly...I love your pretty banner Maaike...I love magazines too and probably buy way too many (but it is my guilty pleasure!)....
    Your finds are beautiful and of course I love Koralee's work...always so pretty!
    Hope you have a great weekend,
    Susan x

  11. O, zo heerlijk om tijdschriften te kijken en ideetjes op te doen voor kerst. Ik wou dat het vlugger kerst was en dat de kersttijd langer duurde :D.. knufzz..peebee

  12. Hoi Maaike,

    Je hebt een prachtige collectie serviesgoed! Het tijdschrift ziet er veelbelovend uit. Jammer dat wij het hier niet kunnen kopen.

    Fijne dag,

    Madelief x

  13. Hello there Mrs MultiArtisanCrafter... Painting china, scrap booking, crochet, knitting, patchwork and quilting, sewing, cutting, pasting, painting, decorating, photographing... And so much more. Embroidery???... Lovely banner you have added! I like it. I like everything you do. I like you! And yes, how come your china always end up matching the tablecloth, papers, lace, flowers, trims, wallpaper, fabric, cafe lattes... and so much more??? hi hi hi ♥♥♥ Annette

  14. Wat is je header mooi geworden! Enne, .... Tijdschriften? Heeeeeerlijk!

  15. wat een vreselijk leuke kop en schotels :), love it! En wat heb je een mooie header! Leuk zeg dat tijdschrift! Fijn weekend!


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~