Monday, December 19, 2011

p i ' l o and the City of Craft

for those of you who wonder:

creJJtion will not be only collages from now on

but, I like to give the pictures I took with my iPhone a different look

because I take most of them 'on the go'

and some are also filtered through Instagram

any one of you familiar with Instagram? - I am addicted at the moment I am afraid...

creJJtion is my profile name and I would love to meet you there too!


Heather from p i ' l o and I first met at the One of a Kind Show ~ I featured her in this post

last weekend she invited me to her open house in Toronto

and it was so wonderful

well, what else would I have expected...

the open space, large crafting table in the middle, natural light coming through the ceiling

natural materials, lovely displays and a very inspirational mood board...

visit Heather's website p i ' l o to find out more!


afterwards I went to the City of Craft, shortly introduced on their website as

"both an alliance of community arts organizers that present and support local crafty activities and Toronto's largest independently run juried craft sale featuring craft-based installations, free workshops, and craft-related programming in local businesses and galleries"

I enjoyed the atmosphere a lot

crafty people behind and in front of every booth, exchanging inspirations, ideas and goodies

I would like to mention a few of the booths to you that caught my attention

Needle Book ~ a blog about sweet makes from yarn and fabric, I love these sweet mini birds

Kid Icarus ~ stationary, cards... all screen printed in pretty designs, I like the greeting cards a lot

Gezellig ~ Victoria is a Dutch lady and makes comfy pillows, hand screen printed as well, her Etsy shop is not finished yet, but well, I guess she is working on that


that is it for today

and we are already approaching Christmas with the speed of light!

six more days... I wish you a very merry 'week before'

and hope you were able to keep the stress out of the preparations this year!

I will be back here soon with pictures of my own preparations and decorations in our home...

sending you love from Canada


  1. Hoi Maaike, heerlijk al die winkels in Toronto! De blog van Pi'lo volg ik al een tijdje en ik vind haar stijl prachtig. (net als Bookhou trouwens).
    Ik wens je alvast hele fijne kerstdagen (komt er toevallig nog familie naar jullie toe of lekker met z'n 2-en?)en ook alvast de beste wensen voor 2012!
    Groetjes, Anne-Marie

  2. Ik vind je collages zo onwijs leuk!! Instagram heb ik niet, maar lijkt me geweldig leuk en kan me goed voorstellen dat het verslavend is :-) Leuk om te lezen hoe jullie je draai vinden daar in 't verre westen!

    Groetjes, Heidi

  3. Such joy...and what fun!!! Lucky you.

    May your Christmas be truly blessed as you celebrate your first one in Canada! You have been such a blessing to me this year...and I am so happy we got to meet. Your sweet spirit and loving thoughtful ways are such a treasure to me.
    Joy and love to you and your sweet husband. xoxoxoxo

  4. Hello Maaike....I love your photographs and you clearly had such a fun time in Toronto...
    I hope you and your husband have a most wonderful first Christmas in Canada too!
    Susan x

  5. Thank you so much for coming to the show, taking such lovely pictures and saying such lovely things. I am so happy when folks get to see the best of Toronto while passing through.

  6. Wow - Heather's place looks beautiful. So glad you got to see it and thanks for sharing your pics!

  7. Hi Happy new year for some time loving your blog, I follow the link to my designs, I like the hands of health listemdesin friend Add to your list of friends loves to discuss, please re d be very happy.


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~