Monday, January 30, 2012


after spending a few days in Chicago

I am already falling in love with this beautiful city

we are very lucky with the weather

walking The Magnificent Mile along Michigan Avenue

lots of sunshine and a little wind ~ watch out for blowing skirts

my friend is very happy with her new hand warmers I made for her

and we enjoy sightseeing together a lot

the view from the John Hancock Tower ~ the large black one on the left ~ is amazing

and so is the beach at Lake Michigan

I have never seen snow and ice on a beach before

a beautiful experience

the windows of Hermes, always a beautiful experience too

and in the downtown apartment from our Dutch friends

we enjoy a good chat and tea from Dutch mugs 

she is showing the newest hand warmers I made ~ and gave away today to another lovely friend...

more about that soon!


wishing you a wonderful new week


  1. Hello Mrs Voyage! Traveling the world being a Dora the Explorer (kids program if you don't know what that is... as you don't have kiddies...). How lovely. Cool with snow on the beach. Weird... I purchased a book about knitting on Amazon yesterday. I am gonna do it. Really! I am gonna do it!!! Another exciting learning experience is to be unfolded. :D I am soooo excited! But right now a brisk walk to start off my day. ♥♥♥

  2. Oooooohhhh, I am first on this comment list! I feel so special! :D Ha ha ha ha! Sip sip my tea tea, jogging shoes on on, get out in the cold cold... ♥♥♥ Annette

  3. Chicago looks huge an amazing...your bit of freezing..looks inviting as we are having extremely hot weather in the Cape...

  4. Wat geweldig Maaike, om daar te zijn. De foto's zijn schitterend, en ik ben helemaal weg van je handwarmers!
    jij ook een hele fijne week,
    groetjes van Ester

  5. Heerlijk zeg, jij komt nog eens ergens en prachtige plaatjes altijd weer.
    Zien wij er ook gelijk wat van :-)
    Thanks for sharing.

    Liefs, Jolanda

  6. Great photos, you always capture the images so well :D
    Karen x

  7. ow wat leuk :)! Wat een mooie foto's, leuk om even mee te genieten! Leuk ook de DE-mokken!

  8. What a lovely time you seem to be having with your friends, it looks an amazing place, love the wrist warmers.
    have a great week
    love jillx

  9. More great pics Maaike. Glad you are having a good time. The Hermes window ... swoon.

  10. it looks like you're having such a great time! I had no idea that Chicago had a beach. I definitely want to visit one day...maybe around the same time I decide to do the Chicago marathon

  11. Thanks for the photos- you hit my old stomping ground. :)

  12. Hey Maaike ... always delicious to come here ;D !
    thanks for the journey, Chicago trought your eyes is magical ...
    loves ...

  13. Hello, Maaike! I`m your new follower! So glad to find your blog! Cute :o) Love your pictures
    Warmest wishes from Russia

  14. Your photographs of Chicago are fab! I am not surprised your friend loved her hand warmers, they are gorgeous, and I love the way you photographed them. I have heard a lot of good reports about Chicago. Love Linda x


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~