Thursday, January 26, 2012

Craft Room Inspiration

today I am sharing some snaps of my craft room

to give you ideas and inspiration I hope


a pile of fabrics looks so much better and attractive when you organize it by color

it also helps me a lot for getting ideas when I am working on a sewing project

it may sound weird to you, but it helps in your clothing closet too

I love 

organizing stashes

making layers and piles

collecting matching items

I also love 

finding storage purposes

in unpredictable but pretty ways

~ candles in a cup ~

~ paper collection in a wine rack ~

I painted this brown pin board white 

to make my pins stand out more

inside a large cupboard

I stored stamps, cotton yarns, notebooks, ribbons and lace

mostly in boring, but very effective transparent boxes

magazines organized by time of the year, together in one box

right now I am going through my Spring box, a perfect way to get into a new mood

forever loving white shades

the ring basket I made for our wedding and the Anthropologie owl I got in Vancouver

on my wall Carl Larsson prints and the Mollie Makes calendar by Jeanette from Fryd og Design

a little tour

some snaps and details...

wishing you a beautiful and organized day


  1. Everything looks so lovely in your studio. Being organized and seeing what you have must be such an inspiration to create. Thanks for the tour.


  2. Thank you for the sweet tour my friend...your little room is just adorable...just how i would image. i would never want to leave. Hugs for a good day...xoxoox
    p.s...chapter number 3 is done...yahooooooo..hoping to have 4 and 5 into them by the end of Feb....lots of work adding text...etc.

  3. Carl Larsson... So very VERY Swedish indeed. Written down on my wish list for 2012. Just like Swedish Dala horses, wooden butter knives with kurbits paintings and fabric with midsummer flowers on... Thanks for the tips on sorting the magazines in seasons instead of years. And OOoooooohhh Myyyyyy Gosh! Your stash is so pretty. Veru inspiring post. I need that as I am in a complete blog downer period... Kram

  4. Oh to be organized ... thank you for the inspiration.

  5. Beautiful! Crafty escapism. :-)

  6. Super!!! Wat netjes, gezellig en veelll mooie spullen! Lijkt me heerlijk werken...

  7. such a beautiful and inspiring place! I am totally jealous! one day I want to grow up and have space just like yours


  8. Everything is so beautiful and inspiring. :)
    I love the idea of organising your magazines by time of year, that is clever!
    Vivienne x

  9. It looks a lovely place to create in. I have the same Carl Larsson picture I just love the detail in it.
    have a great weekend.

  10. Oeh een eigen craft room! Heerlijk lijkt mij dat! Fijne plaatjes weer!

  11. Oohw hoe netjes allemaal :-) ik ben echt een chaoot en bij mij ligt nu alles in een kast, meest van de tijd als ik de deurtjes open doe, valt er vanzelf al wat uit haha. Maarrr, binnekort gaan we de voorzolder opknappen en daar komt mijn freubelhoekje en dan hoop ik het echt wat netter aan te pakken, dan heb ik ook echt ruimte voor mijn spulletjes. Ik kan me voorstellen dat het voor jou heerlijk werkt.

    Groetjes, Jolanda

  12. How lovely! I am in the process of organising my office/craft room. Your photos are really inspiring. C.x

  13. Makes me realize just how disorganized things are around here. When you are surrounded by pretty things and everything in its place, makes the creative juices flow much easier. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  14. What a beautiful space!
    So very inspiring....


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~