Thursday, February 16, 2012


one more book I took with me from the library

about freestyle embroidery ~ for beginners, which is me

recently I found this massive bundle of color joy in a thrift store for a few dollars

all DMC and J.&P. Coats embroidery floss

and besides enjoying the color feast

I like to make something of it one day

may be decorate shoes with it

but I will probably have to start with simple exercises first

to get the techniques

the lazy-daisy stitch for example

sounds perfect to me ~ smile

are you into embroidery at all?


  1. Hoi Maaike,

    Wat een prachtige kleuren heb je gekozen. Ik vind het heerlijk om te borduren. In het verleden had ik er meer tijd voor, maar in de vakanties heb ik zo nu en dan de rust om iets moois te maken. Het is een heerlijke bezigheid!

    Veel plezier!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  2. Wat een geluk, dat je dat zomaar in een kringloopwinkel vindt!
    Ik denk dat ik het ook niet zou kunnen laten liggen..
    Ik ben benieuwd wat je er mee gaat maken!


  3. I can and have done embroidery but I mainly do cross stitch. Lazy daisy is a nice stitch, French knots can be pesky.
    Carol xx

  4. I love to do embroidery! Right now I'm embroidering some pillowcases!

  5. Yes, I do love embroidery and you will have so much fun with the lucious colors you have.

  6. Lucky you! You got a beautiful rainbow!! I have started with embroidery too, it is so fun, I still need to learn a lot. Now playing with some cushions.

  7. Je hebt weer een mooie vondst gedaan zeg! (die kringloop hier is niet echt geweldig wat dat betreft). Nu maar lekker oefenen op al die steekjes. Je maakt er vast wat moois mee, zoals altijd. Veel plezier ervan. Groetjes, Anne-Marie

  8. You are a lucky beggar to get these beautiful threads for only a few dollars!
    I really wish I have a command of making embroidery or crochet.
    But you can learn everything if you want to, right? Maybe I will try it sometimes... Take care Nicolexxx

  9. Yes, yes, yes! What an amazing thrift store find - I would have been smiling all week! Have fun, I love embroidery!

  10. What fun...enjoy my dear friend. oxxo Hugs

  11. Maaike--I do so love embroidery, but I must confess that I'm shamefully lazy about embellishment and don't do it very often. :(
    ...but I highly recommend Japanese embroidery design books. I have quite a few at home and they're absolutely cunning...little bugs and Danish Modern designs and all sorts of whimsical things.
    Here are just a couple from a seller I've had good experiences with:

    1. Heather, thank you so much for giving me these links! Especially the first one looks very tempting to me... such cute projects. Perfect, I will list them on my 'wannahaves'


  12. Maaike, I am actually going to a friend's house on Monday evening so that she may teach me embroidery. I currently do counted cross stitch, but never learned this type of embroidery. I will have to look for that book at my library!

  13. When I was little I used to watched my mom embroider all the time, it was always so mesmerizing!


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~