Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Inspirational Miami

thank you all for the lovely comments on the new baby blanket

I can not tell you enough how supporting your comments are and how I read them over and over again


now, about Miami

I totally and completely underestimated the size of this city and it's island Miami Beach

now I know that in the past 120 years this city grew from 170 to 5.500.000.000 people

and can totally understand why this city is so large

let me tell you a story about this pretty yarn from Miami

when I did my research about the city, I wondered how much knitting and crochet would be 'a thing' there

I mean, regarding the fact that to me it is always summer there

well, I can tell you this, I found The Knitting Garden owned by the lovely Annie and Virginia

where skeins of yarn in beautiful colors

are winded automatically into pretty balls to knit or crochet with

where just knit  is not just a nice saying on the wall

but actually practised literally

at this large table you see on the left

as soon as you walk into the shop you are automatically drawn to this table

where lovely ladies tell stories of their lives, share pictures of the cutest little babies, and knitting ideas

if I lived closer, I wonder whether I would spend more time at home or at this table...

in the middle of all this Southern temperament and warmth

but I don't live close, so I found another solution to take some of this warmth and comfort home with me

I lay down some of the yarn on the large table

and within five minutes the ladies asked me: what are you making with those?

you guessed my answer: a baby blanket

another five minutes later, the group of ladies had decided: the colors were very Miami

and the dark brown had to be added in order to give it the right 'pop'


my mom and I left the shop with six balls of Rowan cotton, a story to tell, a place to remember and ...

a referral to a great Cuban restaurant and a list of courses we had to order there, to get the full experience

and guess what, we did ~ and we had a perfect dinner with my dad

thank you again ladies!

so here I am 

back in Canada, in front of the fire place wearing a scarf

looking at the Miami inspired yarn and feeling the warmth, with itchy hands to start a new blanket...


  1. Lovely yarn - I'm sure your blanket will be beautiful. Your photos are always so beautifully co ordinated - really inspiring.
    Carole :-)

  2. I really like the colors you chose for your next blanket. My sister crochets and knits, and I have always thought it was such a talent when one knows how to. My girls travel alot, and Miami is a place they haven't been to. Good luck on your blanket. I hope it turns out beautiful.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  3. I love shops like that- wish we had one like that here...isn't it just great when people share ideas and knowledge and life together in such a relaxed way, sigh :)
    Enjoy starting the blanket - the colours are brilliant!

  4. Love those colours, I didn't realise Miami was so big!!

  5. Isn't it wonderful to visit all these new places and find people with something in common! I love the colours, they are a wonderful combination and so so well with your Miami picture. Love Linda x

  6. Deze blog post is een kleurenparadijs! Het garen ziet er uit om van te smullen en je babydeken wordt prachtig!

  7. Love the colours - and the pop of brown - can't wait to see what you do !!!!

  8. What a wonderful eye for color you have. You got the Miami colors just right... and you were right about the Knitting Garden too. Thanks for this lovely post.


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~