Wednesday, July 18, 2012


last week in my creJJtion inbox, there was a theme

~ charity ~

two dear ladies approached me with a request for a special cause

courtesy of lake view picture: my dear friend R who visited a few weeks ago

thank you Karen and Agnes for inquiring me regarding this special purpose of creJJtion blankets 

I highly appreciate it

and, I am very honored you picked creJJtion blankets for your beautiful charity projects!


Agnes approached me with her request to use the Blue Sky blanket pattern for a special project in Nepal

she came across the Noble House project

which currently consists of two shelter homes for kids, and one baby and birth clinic


Karen approached me with her request to use the Miami City blanket pattern for a special project in the UK

CLIC Sargent, among other things, provides temporary housing for families of children with cancer

I am truly touched and honored to be approached for creJJtion's contribution to these beautiful projects

to me it means a lot that my designs get the chance to contribute to a project and organization

that mean to help babies and families in need across the world


I could not let go of this idea and decided to do a little more

there are two blankets that I made and would love to donate in order to help a baby or child that could use it

candy blanket and sailor blanket

consider this a variation to the give away concept that you, my blog friends, are all familiar with

if you know of a wonderful charity project for new babies and moms, that can use one of these two blankets

please let me know by leaving a comment to this post before Monday

a local or far away project or organization close to your heart, that would benefit from these blankets


let's contribute in our own and humble way to help make this beautiful world a better one for everyone

I would love to hear from you


  1. Hi,
    A charity very close to my heart is the Watoto baby project


  2. Hoi Maaike, Noble House van Engely vind ik een prachtig project.
    Ik ben op dit moment inzamelpunt voor dekentjes voor de kraamkliniek.
    In september ga ik ze naar Engely brengen.
    Zo leuk om te zien wat mensen maken, verschillende kleuren, patronen en toch allemaal hetzelfde formaat en voor hetzelfde goede doel.
    Jouw dekentjes komen vast goed terecht(je mag er best een opsturen hoor ;-)).
    Groetjes, Anne-Marie

  3. What a beautiful idea Maaike! I don't know any specific charity abroad, but I know that the units in hospitals that deal with premature babies often take gifts for the bubs. My grandma used to knit booties and bonnets for one in Australia for 30 or 40 years.

  4. How wonderful to know that something you've created is being used for a grander purpose. We were in Nepal last summer during the rainy season. Yikes! But what a trip it was. Such poverty and living conditions that we can't even imagine. Children walking all day long just to get to and from school, yet despite conditions, they always wore neatly pressed, clean clothes. It was amazing, eye opening, saddening at times. Your charity blankets are so bright and beautiful. Blessings to you as you continue to create such lovely handiwork. Tammy

  5. wat een mooi initiatief Maaike! Moeten die dekentjes bepaalde afmetingen hebben? ik wil er ook wel eentje of meer haken en schenken.

  6. somewhere can donate knits to Street Knit Toronto.

    I drop off charity knits via one of the LYS.
    I love your blankets!


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~