Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Last Week

last week on Instagram

was a bright week !

as you know I like to play around with pictures and arrangements

so I'd like to share with you two collages, composed of exactly the same pictures, but arranged differently

what do you think?

to me, the granny squares look better above, whereas the magazines look better below

because of the granny squares, I decided to post the one above on my Instagram Feed

any other thoughts? 

and some color pop from last week

I happily wrapped the first crochet kit to a lovely future grandma in the USA

enjoyed loads of delicious summer fruits

and got a new order in for a special blanket in bright colors ~ slightly different from the ones in the picture

after a week of extreme humidity and heat alerts we were happy to have thunderstorms on Saturday

and a lovely blue Sunday morning sky afterwards

I regularly weigh my crochet blankets, to determine amount of yarn needed for a similar one

do you weigh your work?

sadly enough, some copy cat decided to steal the bowl of fruit picture bottom left and use it as her own

I guess I was naive to think it would never happen to me

so from now on, I am using a watermark in my pictures on Instagram

and hope that will stop copy cats from stealing my pictures

have a lovely day my friends

I wish I could share a delicious mint tea and have a lovely chat with you today!


  1. Absolutely collage no 1! It makes every picture more justice. A real eye catcher with your colorful grannies at the top!

    Congrats on your kit-sale. It looks lovely and you are doing so well. I admire your determination and hard work. I know all the logistics behind adding something to an ETSY shop. WELL DONE, I say and KEEP DOING IT!

    I am still trying to organize myself and life... It is a bit of a process. But i am getting there. At least I have managed to empty my crafty cutting table from Lego airplanes, Hama beads and Playmobil puppies, school organizers and broken light bulbs, dirty socks, laundry piles and old batteries... :D Maybe I will get to some cutting today... Sewing tomorrow. I wish. Fingers cross. :D

    1. Hi Annette, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! You have been amazingly active too lately, I love all your new projects. Nelly is sooo lucky to have that beautiful bag and your granny square blanket is coming a long super nicely!

      I hope you find time and 'space' for cutting and sewing :)


  2. Hello! I am a faithful follower of yours, so much of your blog as Instagram and I love everything you do, your photos are beautiful!
    It's a shame that there is always someone to take advantage of the work of others.
    Lots of kisses!

    1. Hi Esmeralda, thank you so much for your sweet support!

      Sending you Canadian Dutch kisses back :)

  3. I don't get the copy cat thing with the fruit - I mean it is just a bowl of fruit and not art or anything, just a click on a camera. We can all look and see with our own eyes a bowl of fruit any day of the week. I would get it more if it was the granny squares as you did make those but even so, why must we 'own' everything? Why can't things just be out there? It's such a human and greedy way of looking at the world. Why does everyone need to know that they are 'your' fruit? What matter if we all think someone called Sue made the granny squares instead of you? Why the need for validation? My mum always told me that 'the names of fools are written everywhere' and that always makes me think twice about who needs to know about me me me. I prefer the second picture with the granny squares at the bottom right as the pretty plant thing is a better focal point in this instance and looks nicer bigger.

  4. I don't quite agree with Anonymous - Maaike is a very generous soul, nothing greedy about her. She works hard composing, taking, editing and uploading photos - she deserves the right for them to be attributed to her. Plus, it's just bloody wrong to represent other people's work as your own, regardless of how 'just a bowl of fruit' you perceive it.
    Lovely pictures as always Maaike! The tea in particular looks delish - do you make your own? Have you ever had it iced, I'm sure it would be great for this warm weather.

    1. Thank you Kirsty! Yes, we have fresh mint in our garden. Two of these small leaves are enough for a liter of delicious tea! I have never had it iced, but might try that at the end of this week since we are climbing up to 40C again...


  5. I love all the shots! You have a great photographic eye and great instint for color combinations! Can't get enough!

    1. Thank you so much Gerri! You are welcome to come back for more :)


  6. Hoi Maaike,

    Wat een mooie blog heb jij zeg! Erg mooie foto's en leuke omschrijvingen. Ook leuk om jouw omschrijvingen van Canada te lezen (zuslief van mij woont daar nu ook, dus geeft een soort herkenbaar gevoel voor mij).

    O ja, de eerste collage is de mooiste.



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