Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Last Week

late Monday night, but still Monday

to share with you some bits and pieces of last week

be aware : I made quite a lot of collages today

parking lot in Toronto, dropped a box of mini cupcakes that were nevertheless delicious

the backorder of yarn that came in to complete my Catania collection

a beautiful tile floor on Toronto, edited with the symmetry app

yarn set for sale in the creJJtion shop to create the Miami Beach blanket

blue skies on the way, 'asphalt is the new water'

and I successfully baked cupcakes with the kids that I teach Dutch over the summer

my favorite Jasmine pearl tea and my favorite view on Lake Ontario that I know

dreaming of a beautiful home and found some plastic spoons on super sale in Anthropologie

more views on the lake and in Anthropologie

below left a fifties secretary desk the husband found on the street, painted in Farrow&Ball Hague Blue

clearly this paint looks about 5 tones lighter when wet ~ can you imagine my 'eeek' when I opened the can?!

it turns out beautiful though when dry, more about that later

of course I spent quite some time again working on the pretty crochet blanket ~ it is such joy to work with

I found a hard copy of the Uppercase Magazine, Canadian made and oh so beautiful

lovely articles on crafty people, new refreshing ideas, and shops

 I shared a homemade latte and our last Dutch stroopwafels with a dear Danish friend who lives in Canada

besides painting the desk, I am also trying to create a studio in the basement of our house

it is about 50 square meters, is nice and cool in the summer and warm in the winter

there are two 'but's

one, there is only one window

second, the basement is unfinished ~ floors and walls are bare concrete, ceilings are open

to overcome both, I asked and got permission from the homeowner to paint the floor white

amazing what a roller and two gallons of white epoxy paint can do...

more about the basement studio later

I definitely have a few exciting projects on the go if you ask me, I will share more soon


wishing you a lovely new week!


  1. Such beautiful photos! Both books look like great ones! Love the house, too!! happy week to you! xo Heather

  2. Love the turquoise collage. Can't wait to see the desk and also what you're up to in the basement!

  3. Je bent maar een bezige bij! Hele mooie collages zo bij elkaar...

  4. Great photos, such a gorgeous summer feel to them!

  5. Lucky you.......!! I am dreaming to have a basement house so that I can have my working space ! Good luck with that....!! Can't wait to see the finished basement !

  6. Maaike,
    Pls apologize Steven C. Brill is my husband. I did not realized that when commented I was signing up under his google account. So very sorry about that ! Ooopss....!!!
    I wanted to say again...I love your collages....you have this thing about creating collages that ties the whole elements together....!! I have questions; did you take these pictures at one time or you took them at different times and saved them then use them later ?

    Thank you,


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~