Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Last Week

although last week ended with a few days of rain

we sure did have another lovely week of Summer

Lake Ontartio looked like a sea, don't you think?

amazing color for a bike by the way

dear friends got us a bag of peaches from the farm

my parent's had a lovely long weekend in Germany and send me this picture of the Grimm Museum staircase

because I did not take too many pictures with my phone last week, 

I accidentally included my breakfast twice in a collage, it was delicious though, haha

my parcel from Purl Soho

matching a desk I painted for the third and last time, I'll talk about that in a few weeks

and on a pink note:

I started a super girly baby blanket with little dots on it and love how they pop out! 

my outfit was matching the project ~ smile

a lot of vintage sheets and my sewing machine cooperated for a special project in the basement

the book I longed to have for a long time arrived in the mail and it is sooo beautiful


the blanket and the basement vintage sheet project will be subject of this week's posts

have a great new week


  1. such a nice things!enjoy...

    greats from Holland

  2. the new girlish blankets seems so lovely!!!
    xxx Alessandra

  3. I really love how you collage your picture together.
    Very pretty !

  4. You are a good Dutch girl - having chocolate sprinkles for breakfast! That is something I will always remember about the Dutch people I have worked with. (very nice with a big milky coffee. mmmm)


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~