Monday, August 27, 2012

Last Week

last week felt like two weeks for the husband and me

our holiday has been so much fun so far...

we are camping and travelling by car

we make a trip along the East Coast of Canada, also known as the Maritime

our first stop was in Quebec city, then we went on to New Brunswick where we enjoyed the sunny lake side

and on to Prince Edward Island, PEI

with it's delicious seafood, beautiful light houses and friendly people

we enjoy eating outside

I love the lobster fishing crates

and Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City, now a hotel, is beautiful

the antique shops on PEI are just gorgeous, inside as well as outside

top right is Quebec countryside

below right is a small street in Quebec that reminded me a lot of Europe


clearly I take a lot more pictures with our dslr camera these days, 

so be aware of much more of all of this in a few weeks

including pictures of the beautiful Anne of Green Gables site and...

the numerous yarn shops and yarn mini mill we visited on PEI

wishing you a lovely new week


  1. it all looks great Maaike, so nice to be on an adventure! look forward to more photos, hope the weather is holding out for you, Heather

  2. Your holiday looks amazing, such a beautiful place!

  3. lovely pictures! Thank you for showing us.Nicole

  4. You are blessed to me travelling so much my friend...lovely photos...and such amazing place. xoxoxo


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~