Saturday, October 6, 2012

Baby Shower and a Pattern

a day later than planned, due to flight cancellations, I am back from Chicago

and I owe you some pictures of the baby shower... are you ready?

since my friend is expecting a boy, blue was the dominant color

to give it a European touch, it was themed a tea party baby shower

every detail was color coordinated, really, my color loving eyes were shining of happiness at the sight of it

it was perfect

the wonderful ladies who organized and attended, the amazing and delicious food, the beautiful flowers...

a little Dutch corner at the table, with 'beschuit met muisjes',  stroopwafels

and the chocolate cake I made with a decoration for the occasion, you can find the recipe here

a well deserved and perfect celebration in the honor of our dear and pretty pregnant friend!

usually I don't post pictures of people, but in this occasion I thought it was appropriate to show

a glimpse of the beautiful future mom and her lovely American friends who put this amazing event together for her


of course we spoiled the future mom with gifts

and I was very happy to see how much she appreciates the baby blanket I made for her

the twins who attended the baby shower loved it too, as you can see 

~ smile ~

when you look closely at the blanket

you see the middle cable is a little shorter than the other two

I did that on purpose, to simulate the image of mom and dad taking care of their new baby

this yarn knitted up so soft and relatively fast on 7mm needles, I might work with it again in the future

if you are interested in knitting this blanket yourself, please visit my shop or click directly to the pattern


also, the future mom ordered a sheet set in the Dutch theme red-white-blue

I made the first one and took it with me to Chicago

super cute, if I may say so myself

we put the sheet in the bassinet for the picture, but it will be used in baby's bed once he arrives

it doesn't get more Dutch than this, does it, haha


I hope you enjoyed the baby shower update and wish you a happy weekend

it's the long weekend in Canada, happy Thanksgiving if you are celebrating!


  1. Hoi Maaike, ik vind het een leuk gebruik zo'n babyshower. Alles ziet er prachtig uit. Jammer dat het hier niet gedaan wordt.
    Ik vind dat er hier altijd nogal apart mee omgegaan wordt, wij hebben er nooit geheimzinnig over gedaan dat het jongens werden (werden we toch wel eens gek aangekeken dat we dat verklapten, oh oh..).
    Ik vind je dekentje en lakentje echt mooi geworden, leuk die symboliek met de kabels.
    Fijne thanksgiving daar in Canada, dat gaan jullie vast vieren met vrienden? (Ook al zoiets, thanksgiving, hebben we hier ook niet echt..., beetje karig hier allemaal.....ha ha)
    Groetjes, Anne-Marie

  2. Wat leuk het ziet er zo gezellig uit.
    Hier kun je echt van genieten.
    Groetjes Sandra

  3. How adorable...and I noticed the Stroopwaffles first thing. Such a sweet Dutch baby shower. I enjoyed the visit SOOO much. XXX

  4. So sweet, and such a lovely baby shower!! Love the cable blanket! Happy weekend! xo Heather

  5. What a gorgeous baby shower,looks like everyone enjoyed themselves.Love the knitted cable blanket,very sweet and the Dutch bed linen is soooo cute can't wait to see the red,white and blue version :) Barb.

  6. een Amerikaanse babyshower overgoten met een Hollands sausje, inclusief beschuit met muisjes! ha, grappig hoor. Mooie foto's ook Maaike.


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~