Thursday, November 1, 2012

Yarn Mills and a Sneak Peek

the last few weeks I got distracted from posting about our Summer road trip to the East Coast of Canada. however, there are a few yarn related things I'd still like to share with you. today: the Mini Mills on Prince Edward Island. we heard of this place through Christine from Ewe & Dye Weaving in Victoria, I featured her shop in this post. the main thing the company does, and I got this text from their website, is 'specializing in developing mills for exotic fibers such as Alpaca, Lama, Mohair, Qiviut and Cashmere. The company is recognized worldwide for their advanced technology and design incorporated in their specialized machinery'
however, when you drive up to their site, you mainly see a lovely barn like building, you are welcomed by three dogs and park your car next to the sheep and the forest. the Mini Mills and the family who runs them are beautiful and special. what makes it so special, is that you can get a tour and see how yarn is made with machinery from rough sheep wool into nice soft and colorful yarns. another thing that makes these mills special, is that you can bring the wool from your own sheep, alpaca's, even dogs and cats, to have it made into a yarn you can knit or crochet with. I  have to explain, that for dog, rabbit and cat wool they will offer you a mix yarn to give it more body. but still. to me that is very special! if you are interested in the yarn making process, have a look here. as you can see in the pictures, they offer a beautiful wide variety of yarn, in all possible colors, guided by a lot of inspirational makes like these scarfs and mittens. so if you are in the area, or even coming close to PEI, you really should visit the Mimi Mills and experience the warmth and welcoming sphere yourself.

and then, last but not least.... a peek into what is becoming available to you in the creJJtion shop : beautiful high gloss shiny postcard versions of my pictures! I hope you are as excited about this as I am, haha. they will come in packages of 6 cards, with different themes. again, this was a peek, more about the cards and a give-away on Friday.


  1. Hi Maaike, the Mini mills looks like an interesting place, I haven't actually been anywhere like that myself. The postcards look great, very 'you',sure to do well. Thank you for the link about the borders, I have finally managed to do that! Just getting used to that change now! Heather x

  2. That mill! I've been wanting to visit a place like this, but I can't seem to find one nearby...

    Mini Mill's yarn looks divine, and that top right photo- do they weave as well?

    I would love to see them make yarn AND grab a pair of mittens...and a hat.

    How crazy would it be to knit a scarf from my dog's hair! just imagine the looks if anyone compliments my scarf and I say, "Thanks, I knit it using my dog's hair" haha!

    Congrats on the new addition to your shop- you have wonderful photos, so these are sure to be best sellers :)



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