Monday, November 12, 2012

Christmas Crafting

postcards to be found here, notebooks from beciorpin

well, how was your weekend? is it snowing yet, where you are? I see the first snowy images of the season in my Instagram feed and hope we will get our share soon too. it is so exciting, the first snow! must be because I am not used to it, haha. and I will probably regret this when the time is here to shovel the driveway every day.
with the lack of snow outside, I decided to create some flakes inside. I really crafted up a storm in preparation for the Christmas fair in December. this weekend's theme was gift tags. well actually it still is, I am not done yet. with Christmas music through the speakers I am cutting and glue-ing the hours away!

a Monday pick-me-up for you: good news from The Netherlands for magazine lovers. the lovely Dutch Flow magazine is going international! if you haven't heard from them yet, find out more on their pretty blog, you can like them on Facebook and see a preview of the magazine here.
they present themselves as a magazine for paper lovers, that love mindfulness, crafts, positive psychology, not being perfect and all kinds of illustrations. and I agree, that is exactly what you'll find in there. so yay! for the availability of Flow in English from now on!

and last but not least: today is the last day for you to enter the postcard give away I am hosting ~ winner will be announced tomorrow! I'll cross my fingers for you

keep warm this Monday


  1. What a nice way to spend the weekend ;) your blog and your creations are so lovely!
    Have a nice week ;)

  2. The girl is busy I can tell. Nice packaging for your cards. :D Clever girl. Now I am peeping off to Gstaad for a 24 hour birthday treat given by my husband. Kids at home with babysitter. Junior Suite, SPA, nice dinner and strolling the town. Not in hand in hand though... That would be just too cheesy. Ha ha ha. I probably have my feet done while he reads the herald Tribune from front to back. Looking forward to it. If I win I am back on Wednesday night. :D Crossing fingers.

  3. Snow?? Here is no snow:) I do love the winter, but especially when I can put my skates under my feets.
    Love your craft gift tags. Very nice.
    Have a good day! Sweet greets Martine.

  4. lovely crafting pictures. those notebooks are so sweet aren't they! Heather x

  5. I can't believe it will be Christmas soon! Thanksgiving hasn't even passed yet and i'm seeing Christmas themed pins all over Pinterest,haha. I must admit, i'm catching the Christmas bug too ;)


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~