Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gift Wrapping Without Paper

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it is the week before Christmas, or actually it is even less than a week now... but at least there is still time to get creative with gift wrapping. and by creative, today I mean using other materials than the regular rolls of wrapping paper. all pictures are from Pinterest with their links shown above and in the text.

why would you not wrap with regular wrapping paper? well, there are several reasons. one could be, that you prefer to wrap gifts in items that can be reused for wrapping or other purposes afterwards, like the bags (5), the boxes (7), both with tutorials, and the tins (6) which I tried myself and will show you tomorrow.
or because you think it is a waist of money to see your beautifully wrapped gifts being ripped open in a second, and the pretty paper tossed out shortly after that. there are pretty ways to use (old) newspapers for wrapping as shown (2) with a link to a picture tutorial and (4) from a beautiful Scandinavian blog. I have tried this too and will show you some pictures tomorrow of how that turned out.
left over pieces or 'little ends of the paper roll' can be used for wrapping too. have a look at the pretty blog Happy Like Yellow by paper artist Kim and get inspired to reuse left over gift wrapping paper pieces (8). you can also think of using little pieces of fabric or lace (1) or old sweaters (3). I know I used the sweater before in one of my Pinterest collages but I think it is so well done, I wanted to remind you.

tomorrow, when there is natural light again, I will take some pictures and show you how my alternative wrapping with newspaper and tins worked out. oh and gift tags. yes, simple to make and pretty looking gift tags too.

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  1. Such creative and pretty ideas! We have some fabric gift bags that we used year after year. They are especially handy to use for irregular shaped items.


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