Friday, December 14, 2012

In Progress

an update on what is in the making here

I just finished a custom design for a dear client. she requested the Miami City blanket, made with the colors of the Miami Beach blanket but without pink, for her baby boy yet to be born. the ultimate joy for me, custom requests like this always make me very happy.

for my mom I am making a pair of wrist cozy's with a lovely red merino wool, my mom loves red in all shades. if you like to make a pair yourself have a look here. and for a finished pair, look here.

also I am still working on a massive stripe blanket in brick red and grey-ish blue. a blanket I must admit I started over a year ago... I hope to finish it this Winter. and until then, I am happy it keeps my legs nice and warm while I am knitting, sipping tea and watching a Christmas movie.

wishing you a warm weekend


  1. Love the colours in that blanket, looks so nice a cozy!

  2. I just finished a massive blanket (ok..I have yet to hide all of the strings ;-) ) but it is super duper warm and my kitties have already taken it over. the best part was having it keep me warm whilst I crocheted it!
    *note to self - upload the pics already!*

    I love your tree in the background!

  3. love your stripy blanket!!!
    happy weekend, xxx Ale

  4. Nice colors! And you are so incredibly busy!!! Keep up the good work. very inspiring. X Jenn

  5. How sweet are your posts. Just found your blog through Annemarie's Haakblog and really enjoyed your works :)

  6. I've always wanted to knit a blanket, but I'm way better at crocheting than knitting. How does one go about knitting a giant stripey blanket?

  7. hi!thank you very much for fingerless gloves,but I'm afraid I can't buy the pattern via internet from Iran.the blanket is beautiful,again thanks for sharing .xo zohreh

  8. love your mistletoe box! happy making, Heather x


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