Monday, December 3, 2012

Last Week

darling new bird tape from Simpel&Leuk, coca cola bottles, Dutch magazine delivery from Sinterklaas, and my feature as one of the best creative blogs on

how I make and enjoy my daily latte, cute packaging for the bird tape, and hand sewing pillow factory

the cutest vintage porcelain price tags for the fair, Santa dolls, and a picture from cold and sunny Sweden, taken by my brother this morning

last week was full of sewing, crocheting and finishing projects. thank you so much for all your ideas, suggestions, support and love! the fair on Saturday was a good experience. I sold a few items, got a lot of positive comments about the display of my 'shop', quite a few ladies were interested in the crochet courses I am doing, and the blankets, Santa dolls as well as wrist cozy's and cowls were touched and admired.
besides that, there were two highlights that day: 

first one is Maaja who came driving all the way to the fair with her family, to see me and my creJJtions. that really made my day ~ she knows me through the blog, Facebook and Pinterest and was happy to see everything in real life. well, I am very happy you came Maaja, I was and am still so honored! 

second one is I got to meet Lisa from recraft, a Toronto based company which makes beautiful cards and gift bags, practicing sustainable thinking by using discarded fabric and recycled paper. their dedication, quality and beautiful items really spoke to me. I'll show you the card that I got from them later this week. 

this coming week I will be sewing for my friend in Chicago, to finish the baby set I started a few weeks ago.
what are you up to this week?


  1. Hello! I guess I don't really have to say this but the Sweden picture is my favorite - OF COURSE!
    Glad you had a good day at the fair. Sounds like you did some great networking, sales and connecting. That is what it is all about! And congrats on being one of the best creative blogs. You so deserve it my friend!!!
    Now when the fair is over, lean back with your crafty projects in hand and chill out for a bit. Sip a latte. I would. Kram

  2. Congratulations on your fair, it sounds like quite a success all round! I do love your photos, you have an excellent artist eye and as I've seen some of these on Instagram, I'm guessing you use an iPhone a lot of the time? Even more impressive that your photos look so good!

    S x


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~