Friday, January 18, 2013

Dutch Nursery in the USA

courtesy of the two nursery pictures: my friend L in Chicago

big reveal of the baby nursery set I made for our dear friends in Chicago. a total of 4 sheets, 3 large pillows, a little quilted cushion and drapery around the baby bed. made of fabric the mom and I carefully selected together, of the baby's dad's former favorite shirt, ultimate Dutch tile fabric, lovely ribbons with windmills, and Ikea sheets.

thank you very much again dear L for this lovely order, I truly enjoyed putting it all together and am very happy to see you love it too. for the rest of my life, when I see pictures of this set, I will be thinking back to a wonderful week together with the pregnant mama-to-be last summer, hours on whatsapp sending pictures and designs back and forth, and hours behind my cutting table and sewing machine, putting it all together.

I am quite proud of this set, totally in Dutch style with the colors of our flag, for a very special Dutch American baby boy.

happy weekend to you!


  1. Just beautiful, Maaike. I especially love the patchwork cushion with the little Dutch boy and girl and windmills print, totally gorgeous.

  2. Oh mooi gemaakt Maaike wat een werk zeg dat patchwork. Ik weet het want ja.. Dat kan mijn moeder dus ook zo goed ;)) heel fijn weekend! Liefs martine

  3. Hoi Maaike, superleuke set heb je gemaakt! Ziet er echt mooi uit.
    Fijn weekend.
    Groetjes, Anne-Marie

  4. A sweet and darling nursery!! xo Heather

  5. a lovely set. I love the red and blue and the red star, all gorgeous! Heather x

  6. Het is echt prachtig!
    En leuk om een moderne twist aan folkloristische motieven te geven. Niet alleen mooi voor de babykamer. :-)
    Goed weekend, Haafner

  7. Just beautiful I love the colours and everything about it.

  8. Wow!!! That looks amazing. Well done. X Jenn

  9. These are gorgeous - like everything you make. I just finished making some bedding for my toddler, up-cycling an old sheet filled with memories. It was one of the most satisfying projects I have made.

  10. Beautiful blend of the two countries! Well done.


  11. What a lovely set of baby things. I'm sure the parents appreciate your skills every time they walk into the nursery. I know I would!

  12. Krijg er zomaar een beetje babyheimwee van!

  13. Am I spotting some 'Nijntjes' there ;) ?

    Lovely set, the red gingham fabric really goes well with the Delft blue!

    Love, Kirsten

  14. Just Lovely !!

    I love the colors, I'm actually using very similar colours for my little boy's room, but still work in progress . . .
    You have a lovely blog !

  15. Did I already tell you this nursery set is GORGEOUS!???


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~