Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Starting 2013


hello and welcome to a new year!
thank you for all your lovely comments on the portfolio book I made of 2012, I highly appreciate them.
2013 will be a year packed with new blanket projects and related items. I hope to be able to meet more of you in real life, based on the good blog and instagram friends I met last year. a new blog design is what I am working on. contributions to magazines are there too in 2013. and I am planning to finish some projects that have been floating around our house for a while. a super long while in some cases. by the way there are more of those projects. I am showing a selection. ahum.

above: the crochet pillow meets fabric pattern project, yarn for a baby project and now that is turns out to be a boy, I will most likely let the peach color out.

below: two baby blanket patterns in the making, ikea fabric I fell in love with and plan to make cushions with for our couch, big big yarn crush for a scarf, and the massive merino blanket.

let's make this a wonderful and crafty year full of delightful projects


  1. Looking forward to following along with you in all your creative endeavors! Happy New Year! Tammy

  2. Wonderful photos and fabulous yarn colours.

  3. Hi!! I found your blog just yesterday, and I liked it very much!! When I find a "new" good blog, I get in good mood!!:-) So I look forward to follow you in 2013. Happy new year! Anne, Oslo, Norway

  4. Oh lookee all those yummy WIP's! I am eager to get to my own yarny & fabric goodness projects too!

  5. Wat een hééééérlijke foto's altijd hier! Net een sprookjeswereld... Ik wou dat ik een vliegje was, dan zoemde ik eens rond in jouw leefwereld!
    Prettig Nieuwjaar!


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~