Saturday, January 26, 2013

Weekend: Snow, Yarn and Magazines

as you can see, we got a pretty new load of snow today ~ apart from the shoveling it is lots of fun and absolutely beautiful, magical. I was happy to receive more pretty tapes from Nelleke's shop simpel&leuk, both my magazine subscriptions arrived and the new baby blanket is coming along nicely. it is so nice to knit row by row, see how the blanket comes along naturally with the double strands in different colors. I love how the second row get's so much dept from the two tones of blue. thank you Sandra for sharing your experience with crocheting with double strands, I must try it now! by the way: if you love knitting, crochet, quilting and a beautiful blog, and don't know Sandra from Cherry Heart yet, you absolutely have to take a look here and admire her gorgeous latest pattern...

last but not least, today the 2013 Catania color card arrived, and I ordered all five new colors. can't wait to see them, show them to you, and work with them!

for now, have a lovely weekend, and stay warm. or cool, wherever you are.


  1. Lovely your baby blanket. Have a great and warm weekend. Thanks for sharing Sandra's blog. xx

  2. love the blue hues of this blanket!
    happy weekend,
    xxx Ale

  3. It all looks lovely and cozy..happy weekend❤

  4. How pretty your blanket... What a lucky baby. I wish I was a baby :)

  5. Thanks so much for the mention Maaike, so kind of you :) I love how your blanket is coming on and so in awe of you knitting a blanket too. For some reason knitting a blanket seems an insurmountable task to me, even though I'm happy to crochet them!

    S x

  6. Dear Maaike,

    The blanket is coming along so fast, you're doing such a great job! I am completely in love with the colors we picked for my son's future blanket and cannot wait to see the next color combo ;-)


  7. Wat een mooie diep blauwe kleuren. Erg mooi. Fijn weekend. Hier in Nederland is het de laatste schaatsdag, morgen valt de dooi in. Dus nog even lekker schaatsen.

    Groetjes, Agnes

  8. This is going to be a beautiful blanket.

  9. I crochet quite a lot with two strands but never knit. What a good idea! X

  10. Dag Maaike, ik ben nou toch zo nieuwsgierig naar dat tweede tijdschrift... Het eerste, uppercase, kan ik doorbladeren via internet voor een flinke dosis inspiratie.
    Groeten, Sandra


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~