Thursday, January 3, 2013


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

no matter how much I love Christmas, I am always very happy to see the decorations leave the house again. more space, ready for a good clean up, clearing closets, reorganizing, making lists, planning days, weeks months and a year ahead. hmmmm, my favorite thing to do.

white always helps me in this clearing process. at the moment in my world white is mainly outside, aka snow. I cannot get enough of it, love it so much. it even reflects in every corner of our home, perfect. white homes {5, 6}, craft spaces {7}, flowers {3, 4} and craft projects {1,2} are my inspiration this week.

and if you can keep a secret... there will be more white here next week. keep an eye on my blog and you'll find out what I am whispering about.

just in case you are looking for some crochet inspiration, have a look here to find a super cute and pretty cushion made by Leanne, connect with the Creative Crochet Crew, and keep an eye on Mollie Makes new sister magazine Simply Crochet that is to be introduced very soon.


  1. Kia ora from New Zealand. If you heard a squeal, don't worry, it was just me. I love your blog, it's an honour to be linked from your page.

  2. Zo leuk jouw post elke keer... en ja liefde voor licht en wit. Heerlijk zo na de kerst alles weer op orde en aan kant. Straks gaan hier de kinderen weer naar school en verdwijn in naar de zolder en ga ik kasten opruimen. Doe ik altijd. Geen leuk klusje maar als het gedaan is, heerlijk. Hou van opgeruimd. (ahum behalve met mijn archief/administratie/foto's loop ik altijd achter)
    Slechte gewoonte.
    Koud bij jullie, zag het op de foto's voorbij gaan. (instagram)
    Liefs, Martine x.
    Succes morgen met 'je klas'.

  3. we won't undeck the halls until this weekend. My youngest daughter is returning to Arizona after nearly 2 weeks Christmas holiday. I'll get the house tidy'd up after she leaves. And THEN - there's going to be some crocheting & quilting happening! *squee!*

  4. Heerlijk fris wit! en heel spannend wat er volgende week gaat komen....
    Fijn weekend.
    Groetjes, Anne-Marie

  5. S'Ok! I checked out 'The Crochet Crew' on facebook (thanks for the link Maaike!) and I found a beautiful ripple afghan (by Fiona).
    Today - I see that JoAnn Fabrics is having an online sale of RedHeart yarn (25% off!) I also googled a free shipping coupon code! So I ordered the yarn for my own ripple afghan straight away! *squee!*

  6. Lovely!!! white on white, the softness, calm and purity in it... Love it!!! And tell you teh truth, I love colour but pink has been one of the once I could not stand, until now that is : ) I have learned new love for pink and for soft colours after finding your blog, and also the feel that I have to give crochet a go... So much inspiration here!!

    Happy New Years!!! Gott Nytt Ar!!!

  7. Your Whites are stunning...hugs to you for a blessed day 5 of this New Year! xoxo

  8. your posts so far for 2013 has been stunning,thanks a lot maaike,xo,zohreh

  9. Pure and perfect for New Year, love it!

    S x


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