Thursday, February 21, 2013

Temporary Work Space

from where I blog and work these days, for as long as the studio in the basement is not finished: our kitchen table in the dining room. we love the light white walls. they are plain now, we will add pictures and artwork after we lived here for a while. the light here on a sunny afternoon like today is just lovely. as you can see we haven't had the time yet to hang a lamp above the table, so we eat by a modern version of candle light, haha. 

also on the table when I work: a latte, glass of water, accidental piece of chocolate, inspiring ribbons from my family in Europe,  and iPhone. I hate to say it, but where would I be in this digital world without that little machine?
in the making: a gender-neutral design for the Miami Beach blanket, since I get a decent amount of requests for it. more about that in a few weeks I guess.

hope you enjoyed this little peek into my temporary work space!


  1. Hoi Maaike,

    Wat leuk om te zien hoe je bezig bent!! Waar gebruik jij de Sharpie's allemaal voor? Ik heb ze ook in vele kleuren en maten en had gehoopt dat ze op porselein zouden blijven staan, maar helaas na het bakken in de oven ging het er weer af in de vaatwasser. :-( Ik woon nu vlakbij Seattle. Ben nog nieuw in "Blog-land", maar volg je al wel!

    Groetjes Elise

  2. Een ander huis, wat heerlijk denk ik? In elk geval voor jou lichte muren! Op instagram gevolgd..
    Hoe ging het verhuizen met Floyd? Je bent wel online dus dat is goed geregeld.
    Veel plezier, liefs Martine

  3. bright!!!! lovely!
    xxx Ale

  4. Je nieuwe kleuren combi voor de deken ziet er van een afstand erg leuk uit...

  5. Lovely space - you could always crochet a lampshade for your shade-less lamp! I wondered whether you could tell me if there was a UK outlet for purchasing the yarn that you use?I love your work and the colours are just perfect.

  6. Wow! That's really bright and free from distraction (ok except the iPhone but hey as you said, where would we be without our phones?). I would love to have a room like that one day but I'm sure I would easily put way too much stuff inside (as has happened now haha).

    The colours for your blanket look very nice!



~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~