Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Catching Up

and another week went by. I am so sorry for not being around here much lately. a typical case of distraction by real life. there are so many things going on, happy things, with creJJtion. it is growing by the day and I love seeing it happen. however there is also the aftermath of our move that takes up time and energy. and as much as I don't want it, I know it is going to take months for that to fade.  I hope you will bear with me and my aftermath for a while. in case you wonder what is happening on a daily basis, you are very welcome to check my feed on Instagram.

a little update of last week. last weekend we sat outside in our garden. yes, for real. we could hardly believe it ourselves! still wearing sweaters and scarfs, but the sun was out and warmed us up. dried our laundry too. oh the joy of the simple things in life. the season is changing and I can't wait for the first day to arrive, when I can walk Floyd in my t-shirt. I baked chocolate chip cookies last week, was spoiled with tulips from my Dutch husband and Dutch friend, and with the Dutch VT Wonen magazine by my mom. oh yes we cherish our heritage here, haha. and I found a new cute shop close by our home, Tea With Gladys owned by Darcy Allan and this is her blog. I got a pretty card from her shop with her own design, and the cute masking tape sticker set. such a great idea; a pack of 27 different tape designs that allow you to mix and match. great for mini (cake)bunting for example, since a sticker is a little more sturdy then tape. I will play with it later on and show you the results.

to conclude this post, I would like to share with you some bright and cheerful Spring themed pictures by four fabulous ladies I follow on Instagram

clockwise from top left: 
@annabellacharles and this is her blog
@amandarydell and this is her website
@beebees80 and this is her blog
@thecornerhouse and this is her shop

enjoy browsing the work of these inspirational ladies and have a lovely Monday


  1. I just love spring for all the tulips, my fav along with peonies!!

  2. So we can say that there must be something in our lives Dutch :)
    I love your all post...

  3. Gorgeous Spring pictures and how lovely to be able to live a little outside again!


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~