Thursday, March 14, 2013

Grande Project ~ 1

thank you for your kind comments regarding the new Gatherings Magazine here, on Facebook and on Instagram. it means a lot to me that you like it so much! I will post details of my projects in the coming weeks. 

today a new Wednesday series starts here : the Catania Grande project with Alessandra from Indonesia and Marie-Thérèse from The Netherlands. you all came with wonderful project suggestions for the challenge to test this new yarn. a few weeks ago I made that tough decision and picked these two ladies. in the far top picture in this post you see the yarn I shipped to Marie-Thérèse, for her to make a baby poncho for her little girl. Below it is the yarn I shipped to Alessandra, who is planning to make an oval table runner. 

the yarn has arrived in The Netherlands, and I can't wait to see and share with you the first pictures from Marie-Thérèse and her poncho project. shipping to Indonesia is of a total different kind, so we have to have a little more patience for the yarn to arrive at Alessandra's doorstep. 

in the mean time, I am showing you my thoughts and drafts on the blanket I am planning to make with this yarn. magazines are a big source of inspiration to me, and I tear out pages that spark ideas. I keep them in a folder and leave the other half of the spread empty, for me to draw designs. in this case a beautiful flower arrangement. I am thinking of translating this color scheme into a crochet blanket that's made of different squares, or I might dare to try my first chevron pattern... more about this next week.


  1. Oh the pretty colors! This post makes my heart sing! And I love love that clipping!

  2. My yarn looks beautiful!!!! I hope to receive my parcel soon....I'm so sorry to cause this delay in your project .....
    Thank you a lot, again and again!
    xxx Ale

  3. Hey, ja ik heb de bolletjes ook besteld en ben bezig voor een dekentje
    voor mijn jongste dreumes. Ik vind de kleuren heel mooi voor zo'n dikke garen!
    Ik vind het op zich ook wel fijn haken! Zeer positief!
    Ben benieuwd wat jij ervan vindt!
    Liefs Kaatje

  4. Those irises are beautiful!
    I love that top grouping of yarn, excited to see what you make with them


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~