Thursday, March 28, 2013

Grande Project ~ 3

update on the Catania Grande yarn challenge from Indonesia: the yarn has arrived in good order, both Alessandra and myself are very pleased with this news. next week we will get a glimpse of the first stitches she made with these red, pink and green pretties. I can't wait to see the start of her oval table runner!

Marie-Thérèse has taken off with the little baby poncho she is making for her daughter. when she sent me the pictures earlier this week and I opened them on my computer, I instantly got a big smile on my face. don't you just love the way the colors work in these first rows? I love it, so so so tiny and cute. she works with a crochet hook size 5 mm and it works perfect with her tension I think. 

and last, the progress of my own blanket. I struggled and tried, started over and over again, but finally found a way to work the squares up in rows instead of separate ones. I must admit I am quite pleased to see how these first rows came out. the yarn is nice to work with, I don't find it very stiff which is good. I choose a hook size 4.5 mm and this works perfectly with my tension I think.

wow, now we are all three in the game for this weekly project I am really getting excited about it! it is so great to see pictures coming from Indonesia and the Netherlands and share them with you. I await the pictures like a little girl awaits her candy, haha. I love it when the internet facilitates projects like these.

have a lovely day


  1. They all look like great colour combinations, I am especially intrigued by the way you have created your pattern, can't wait to see it all worked up.

  2. Beautiful and the colors are just amazing.

  3. All of them look great! Love the color combo of the poncho! And your blanket looks great, such a great idea to crochet the squares together as the blanket comes along. Looking forward to seeing the progress ;-) Happy crocheting!

  4. What beautiful eye candy you always provide! :) I love your little blankie, it's a really strong graphic pattern coming out there and I bet it keeps you on your toes with all those colours at once! Love the colours of the baby poncho too.

    S x

  5. I am so looking forward to your weekly updates - I love the blanket and poncho x

  6. How funny to see my pics on your blog!!!! so exciting, took!!!!
    It's lovely to look at these works in progress at the same time :3 different projects, in 3 different countries!!!!! How amazing is that!!! By the way, my table runner is on the hook!!!!!
    Happy crocheting Maaike!!
    xxxx Ale

  7. Hi! Just LOVE this blanket! I looked on etsy and asked a question to you, but I'm not that familiar with etsy. Would you mind telling me how many skeins come with the kit and is it possible to easliy make the blanket bigger than baby size?
    Thanks! Pat

  8. Hele fijne paasdagen Maaike! Prachtige foto's weer. De kleuren, heerlijk.

  9. I really like this Grande Project of yours and will be watching with interest to see each project to completion! Love tthe design o our blanket as well.

  10. mooi mooi!! Ben benieuwd naar het resultaat!!
    Ben ook benieuwd hoe die blokjes zich uitwerken
    als ik het eindresultaat mooi vind ga ik ook proberen
    blokjes te haken op de manier hoe jij dat doet.

    Mijn dekentje vordert zich al een heel eind.
    Vanavond weer lekker op de bank bivakkeren en theetje
    erbij en weer wat streepjes erbij haken..

    Fijne avond nog!
    Liefs Kaatje


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~