Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Drawing and Painting

April 30th 2013, a day of Dutch pride as Willem Alexander became our new king today. we celebrated with the Dutch kids in class last Saturday; traditional games such as koekhappen, spijker poepen, zaklopen, sjoelen en eierlopen were all a big hit with the kids. 
my mom send us some orange and red-white-blue goodies, we watch Dutch television today, and tonight there's a big orange celebration in Toronto with dinner and party to honor the new king and his queen. it's so special to see hundreds of Dutch people celebrate on the other side of the world, we are looking forward to it.

every now and then I get my pencils and brushes out and draw and paint like nothing else. last week I entered such a period again, it feels so good to be back at it. 

I am working on the pattern for the flower squares and the blanket of the Catania Grande project....

happy new week of Spring


  1. Leve de Koning!
    Leuk dat je moeder allerlei Nederlandse spulletjes heeft opgestuurd.

    Je bent wel heel creatief, ook al tekenen en schilderen, wist niet dat je dat ook al kan!

    Liefs Renske

  2. Leuk dat je het allemaal hebt kunnen volgen! Het was mooi om te zien:)

  3. Love the colors of those granny squares!

  4. Happy New King and Queen Day! I am always in awe of people who can draw, you're so talented.

  5. lovely little drawings!!!
    xxx Ale

  6. Exciting things going on in your part of the world lately! Your drawings are lovely!

    S x

  7. Love your puffy flower squares. Sounds like you are busy. And I have still not replied to your email... Be patient with me. I haven't forgotten.

  8. How wonderful to hear of your country's new King and celebration! I have become very Ill, and had to give up my favorite things. Recently I discovered the beautiful colors the Dutch use in their crochet and the love of granny squares, crocheted flowers, small blocks and hexagons...even coasters, and my heart slept for joy! In America, I only have knowledge of our rather dull choice of colors in crochet..and we mostly make afghans and clothing..to big of a project for me now, and too blah. But I saw those bright, lovely Dutch creations and fell in love...and thought "I can do that! And I WANT to do that". In April I ordered some yarn and bought some patterns on Etsy, and used your free Strawberry Coasters pattern (thank you!), and got busy making flowers and coasters. My family LOVES them, and I am seeing cheerful colors and Flowers by my bedside on my nightstand, and scattered them around my small, medically necessary dark apartment! So joyful! I can't raise flowers outside anymore, but thanks to you and other Dutch ladies, I am making a bright 'garden' indoors. Thank you so much for sharing your craft and creativity! It has been therapeutic for an ill person halfway around the world! Isn't that amazing, how small the world is when we share our love of beauty in craft online? :-)

    1. Big typo in my comment... it should say "my heart LEAPT for joy". Not 'slept for joy'. Auto correct strikes again! :-)

  9. Dear Maschelle, thank you very much for your heartfelt story! I am sorry to hear about your illness, it is hard to give up things you love. But it is of course wonderful when you can find new loves in the wonderful world of color and crochet. How lovely to read you made the coasters for your family. It is indeed amazing what love and joy we can share through the www. You have made my day with your beautiful message, there is no greater joy to me then being able to inspire others!
    All the best with your illness, and happy crocheting,
    xoxo Maaike


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~