Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Grande Project ~ 5

picture by Marie-Thérèse

it's hard to believe we are already at the fifth update of this Grande Project, and Marie-Thérèse is almost done with the crochet baby poncho for her baby girl. she wrote me she enjoys crocheting this poncho so much, she's a bit sad it's almost done.

pictures by Alessandra

Alessandra's table runner is growing rapidly, row by row and she also wrote me how happy she, is working on this project. two ladies happy crocheting, I'd say mission accomplished.

as for me, I am only just a little jealous of the sunny and warm pictures from Indonsia. a little. 
ahum ok, not just a little haha

not so much sunshine and warmth today here in Canada, however quite a growing and shining blanket in my home. while it's raining cats and dogs I am weaving in ends, and making progress with the new color blocks in light blue and pink/red. I couldn't decide on choosing pink or red and ended up using both.

three projects, the same yarn, all coming close to being finished...

if you've missed the previous posts, look here for the beginning


  1. All projects are gorgeous. I haven't tried Catania Grande yet, but will do soon. Love your blanket.

  2. wonderful projects...all of them

  3. I am so tempted to buy the wool it's so vibrant x

  4. Your blanket looks gorgeous!!!!
    i thank all your readers that have liked even my table runner!!!
    Even here we have a lot of rain, more often in the afternoons!!!!
    I take my pics early in the morning!!! ;oD
    xxxx Ale

  5. Your blanket is absolutely inspiration!

  6. All your projects look so pretty. Great idea.

  7. It has been a lot of rain hasn't it??? Today the sun is hining. They say the temperature will climb up to 20 this weekend. I am preparing for some pottering around in my garden, weeding and preparing for summer and some crocheting outside. :D Happy about that.
    Saw your email. Will respond soon. Just got back from my new health adventure - Cross Fit. My body is shaking of exhaustion... Lovely projects you are showing us today. I am so in love with your new pattern which truly will become a best seller. Very Swedish in its design actually. Not jealous of all those ends though... I just don't like fastening off ends...
    Speak soon
    Happy crafty weekend my dear
    My Rose Valley

  8. The grand projects are doing so well, such wonderful colours and so many different uses. I love how your blanket is shaping up, very gorgeous!

    S x


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~