Monday, June 10, 2013

Last Week

last week was an odd one, due to our flight from Amsterdam to Toronto half way. or at least that always makes my weeks odd. my head full of wonderful memories, still processing every conversation and eye sight.  my hands doing laundry and clean up. my body feeling jet lagged several times a day. 

by the weekend this seemed to be over, we got lots of sunshine and enjoyed good company, a delicious barbecue and after that a little bonfire. on Sunday I finally sat down to open all the wonderful gifts I received from old and new friends in The Netherlands and I crocheted along in the garden.

just in case you are interested: I recently edited some of my pictures on Instagram with the sweet app from Emma and Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess to create circles and borders, and add little text lines in cute fonts. it's available for Apple and will be available for Android in about 2 months.

today is another Monday, working on patterns and create 'n date wrap up as well as making new plans...
wishing you a great new week!


  1. I really like that crochet creation in the top right corner! It is so nice to be reading about your Amsterdam event all over blogland. I will have a look at the app - at the moment I am in love with pixlr express as well as moldiv (excellent for collages). xxx

    1. oh yes indeed, I am so honored to see create 'n date featured on all the pretty blogs! and the apps, I can easily loose hours playing with pictures... enjoy!

  2. Oooh i'm so happy that the beautifull mess app will be available for android soon :)

  3. Love your new banner. When did you have time to do that? A sleepless night? It matches perfectly with your FB banner as well... Only ETSY left? Hope Jet lag is better, I am trying to get my thoughts on paper but my head still feels a bit whimsical. Speak soon.
    My Rose Valley


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~