Monday, July 1, 2013

Canada and Europe

some color playing last week and preparations for what turned out to be a lovely weekend in Montréal. a little city trip to celebrate Canada Day and our second wedding anniversary. we left in pouring rain but thankfully had a perfect and dry stay in the city. with many thanks to Iveth who lives in Montréal and whom I've 'met' through Instagram, we stayed pretty much out of the tourist area and enjoyed the city like the locals do. a little more information and pictures of my visit to a beautiful yarn and fabric shop will follow soon.

there was one more reason why we went to Montréal this weekend. and that is we are trying to see and do as much as we can here in Canada for the next few weeks, since we recently learned we are moving back to The Netherlands by the end of this Summer. after exactly two years in Canada the husband's company is sending us back. quite a few years earlier than we anticipated, but alas. we will start a new adventure and chapter in our lives in the South part of the country, the province of Noord-Brabant. 
my blogging time here has suffered from all that comes with the upcoming move and I fear it will continue to be like that for a little longer. looking back on our move two years ago, I remember being busy with a whole lot and nothing at the same time, for weeks before and after the actual move. 
I hope you will bear with me and follow me back to Europe!


  1. Of course we will follow you...back to the Nertherlands

  2. Busy times then, but Noord-Brabat is very happy to have you!
    (from Breda) with love

  3. Would love to visit Montreal one day. I visited Canada as student, few days in Toronto and a week each in Saskatoon & WInnipeg - I would appreciate it much different now.
    All the best with the Great Move Back - at worst disrupting, at best exciting. We once decided to move back from Australia to South Africa after only 8 months! Ja, that could be described as an adventure.

  4. I love our blog and your work and will continue to follow you wherever you are... Good luck with all the changes :)

  5. Hi Maaike!
    what a lovely way to celebrate your 2nd wedding anniversary :)
    Since I moved around on three continents I know how you feel! The best of luck with your move and welcome back to Europe :)
    Duni xo

  6. Planning a move can be s lot of hard work! I'm not surprised if you have less time for blogging- we're all only human snd sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day. Good luck with your move, I'll still be a regular visitor here wherever you are posting from!


  7. Geniet er nog maar even van! En succes met alle voorbereidingen voor de verhuizing naar het Brabantse Land.
    Groetjes vanuit het Brabantse Land, Arianne

  8. Hi Maaike!

    Moving to an other continent is such a thrilling step!
    I will move from Germany to Toronto in October (if I get the work permit right in time). It's temporally for at least two years, which is why I will move with just 2 suitcases. It is really gross to decide, what to leave in Germany especially my handmade crafts...
    But the new job in Toronto is trully worth of it!

    How did you find your first flat in Toronto? I'll start in a B&B and will then look for a apartment. Hope that I'll find one very quick...

    Good luck for your move back to The Netherlands!


  9. Will definitely follow you on your travels. Your photography alone keeps me spellbound

  10. welcome back and of course we will bare with're blog is such an inspiration for me......soooooo i 'll stay tuned:)
    Love Theetje

  11. great !
    Greetings from Poland :)

  12. Dear Maaike,
    I can't exactly tell you how I discovered you but finally I did! But unfortunately I have to learn you move away from Canada, your pictures are great and I'm looking for some inspiration for one of my daughters who wants to spend a year in Canada.
    But don't mind going back to Europe, especially not to the Netherlands, I cannot imagine a nicer place to stay! Welcome back!
    Greetings from the bavarian mountains,

  13. I'm very happy you enjoyed Montreal! Good luck with the moving and I wish you the best for this new adventure back in Europe. See you on IG, Maaike! xx

  14. Montreal looks lovely and it sounds like you enjoyed it! But big changes afoot eh? Good luck with the big move and don't worry, we'll follow you anywhere and wait as long as you need! :)

    S x

  15. I love your photos... i could stare at them for loooonng time. All of them are amazing!


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~