Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Screen Printing Workshop

a little while ago some friends and myself gathered at the beautiful shop of Tea With Gladys for a crafty morning. we learned how to screen print in a simple and effective way, a technique we would be able to do ourselves at home too. Darcy, my friend and owner of Tea With Gladys, was our darling host and she did such a great job. because of the drying process that takes a while, we started off with drawing our designs on the silk screen right away. then we used mod podge to black out the areas we didn't want printed. while our designs were drying we enjoyed tea, delicious cupcakes and of course admired the beautiful items in this pretty shop full of candy vintage colours, pretty prints and handmade items.

after the mod podge dried, the fun part started: the actual printing. we used fabric paint and plastic cards to swipe the paint through the silk screen and onto our muslin bags. I did a few roses, there was a deer, dragon fly, beautiful bow, a puppy, sunshine, hearts, a cameo... we really got creative and couldn't stop printing our designs onto bags and tea towels. what fun we had! we got to take our own designs home, for later use. now to find time to do some more printing. if you got the creative printing itch too and would like to use this easy and effective technique at home, just google 'screen printing embroidery hoop' and you'll get enough tips and videos to get going.



  1. This looks so fun, I'd really like to try and take a class over the summer, I really enjoy learning along with other people
    Your rose design is gorgeous too

  2. Beautiful pictures & such a talented group! so happy to have hosted such a delightful workshop:)

  3. Great tecnique!!! I never though of the embroidery hoop to this!
    Thank you so much!

    Shared on my blog :)

  4. What lovely photo's and inspiration you give on a regular basis. Thank you for making me smile and making my day happier. Sandra


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~