Thursday, August 8, 2013

Needlework in Hamilton

just before we leave Canada I am going out as much as I can to see some more of this beautiful country. nature as well as man-made things like this beautiful shop Needlework in Hamilton. for those of you who are not so familiar with Hamilton, you must know this town is mainly known for the steel work companies and the harbour. it is not known for fancy shopping, dining and living.

therefore quite unexpectedly, my friend invited me out for a trip to James Street in Hamilton because she thought 'I might like it there'. off we went, and my goodness did I like it there. no, I loved it. when it comes to shopping streets I love the rough-meets-nice combinations. upcoming streets with a nice shop here and there, alternated by shops that have been there forever and sell things from forever ago, and some places to have delicious latte's. James Street is just that.

one of those relatively new and nice shops is Needlework, which happens to be the dream fabric shop for me. not too large of a collection, but just the perfect picks. high quality fabrics, a great atmosphere and a darling and professional shop owner to help you. the display of their products and the suggested color combinations make me feel like I am in a candy store. healthy for my body, however fighting with my wallet. I couldn't resist and brought home a few fabrics to make a little quilt one day, to remember this perfect place and lovely outing with a great friend who knows my taste so well.


  1. It looks like you had a fun trip :)

  2. You take such lovely pictures of the most seemingless ordinary things, and it makes me want to visit there.

  3. I've been to the James street area. I have family in Hamilton. But that store is a great find. We do have a beautiful country.

  4. Thank you for the lovely post! Your blog is totally beautiful.

    It was wonderful to meet you and help you find some fabric for your quilt, and I definitely look forward to seeing a post about it. Hope to see you again before you head back to Amsterdam!


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~