Monday, October 28, 2013

Dutch Design Week 2013

after quite a stormy weather day here in The Netherlands, an update on what's going on here. a few more pictures than I posted on my creJJtion Instagram account, some of them I posted over at the Gatherings Magazine account @gatheringsmag. there are some other talented ladies posting there as well, it's worth having a look!

last Friday I went to the Dutch Design Week 2013 with my mom. we visited the graduation show at de Witte Dame and it was, as usual, great to see what the graduates came up with this year.

above: the result of crocheting (or weaving) with two tone twined yarn, making the unpleasant a little pleasant by covering a medicinal infusion bottle in a pretty crochet wrap, a fantastic two seating knitting bench with baskets full of supplies aiming to have mentally ill people connect through their knitting, and pretty tassels

below: more weaving with great results, nice colours and another view of the knitting two-seater cart

it was great to be inspired by new use of materials, colour combinations, textures and purposes. have you been there last week? how did you like it?

this week I'll be away from my computer a lot, road tripping in The Netherlands and even going to Berlin for a few days. busy and exciting, I'll report about it all next week. by the way, it has been about 15 years since we visited Berlin. your tips and ideas on places to see and visit in Berlin are more than welcome!

have a great week 


  1. Lovely photos! Have a great week too, and enjoy Berlin!

  2. Oh, geluksvogel! Wij hadden ook willen gaan maar zijn er door omstandigheden (ziek en zo) niet toe gekomen. Volgend jaar ga ik toch echt weer! Het is notabene bij ons om de hoek. knufzz.....peebee

  3. Hope you have a good journey to Berlin. xx


~ sweet thank you for your lovely words ~